SBS Anime Festival/Night Fever King 1 year anniversary!!!!

A few days ago on July 11th I went to a small anime/pop culture con in northern Louisiana. It was held in the same place at the Louisiana Comic Con back in February. I also celebrated the one year anniversary of Night Fever King!


Surprisingly, the event wasn’t promoted much. The turnout was smaller than I expected and not many people dressed up.:( I had a cosplay idea but due to last minute mess I wasn’t able to dress up with the idea I had in mind, but there’s another con in August/September I’ll be sure to go all out for. Since there wasn’t a lot of people I made sure to get a few photos of the people that did dress up and some of the vendors I liked.

IMG_6056 IMG_6057

IMG_6050 IMG_6051

There were LOTS of cool Japanese pop culture stuff I wanted to buy.

One of my absolute favorite vendors was the art of Jessica Von Braun. Her whimsical and dark art was great inspiration to me.

IMG_6052 IMG_6053 IMG_6054 IMG_6063 IMG_6064

I bought a necklace of one of her prints. Right below.


Her etsy is right here!

IMG_6055 IMG_6069 IMG_6067

Even more cute stuff I wanted to buy. Dammit.

More interesting cosplays.

IMG_6062IMG_6058IMG_6070 IMG_6068

Another cool place I stopped by was Witch Hazel, which sell witchcraft supplies and tarot readings. It’s nice to see other witches in my area.

IMG_6061 IMG_6059 IMG_6060

Unfortunately, this was all I was able to capture but like I mentioned earlier there will be more cons within the next month or two!


I leave you all with this photo of my friends Sierra and Ariel dressed up as generic anime girl protagonists.

Oh wait I almost forgot! I want to say a BIG thanks to everyone who has supported Night Fever King in its first year. I know my blog is still amateurish but at least I have a year of experience behind me now. In just a year of doing this I’ve interviewed authors, indie film directors, models, artists, fashion and blogging icons and more. I wrote for a couple magazines and attended some cool events that I could share with everyone. I wonder how my second year of running this blog will work out, hopefully things will get even better. Again, thanks to everyone for being patient and supportive. As always, stay groovy.

Louisiana COMIC CON 2015: Favorite cosplays and outfits


Hey everyone! The next week or two on this blog will be pretty interesting to read since I am currently doing interviews with a Harajuku fashion designer, a cool Goth Youtuber, and Indie horror film makers, but right now let’s focus on what happened this weekend. The first “big” convention that Louisiana has tried to do, which was Louisiana Comic Con. Of course I wasn’t going to miss it. I arrived thirty minutes before it started (10 A.M.) and honestly if I had known how MANY PEOPLE WERE GOING TO SHOW UP I WOULD’VE CAME EARLIER . THE LINES WERE RIDICULOUS. I had to wait in the rain for five hours…
IMG_5764                                                      After waiting a couple hours, many people left.

IMG_5765                                                                     Almost at the door

IMG_5766                                                                       So damn close

Finally, at three o’ clock I was in, already very tired but ready to document the coolest cosplays and people.


One of my favorites of the day was this girl that dressed up as Go-Go from Kill Bill Vol.1. I loved it.


Definitely the scariest. Whoever this person was needs a highfive.

When I got more into the building I tried by best to take pictures of the overall small convention center.
IMG_5770 IMG_5771My only huge complaint was that the organizers should have known that when the pre-sale tickets sold out that it was going to be a big event. They place should have been a lot bigger and at least two days, but enough complaining. Back to more amazing cosplays!

IMG_5775IMG_5793 IMG_5795IMG_5800IMG_5789

Click the “read more” for more cosplays and well-known people I met up with.
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