FEMM, the most beloved mannequin duo, makes their 2016 debut!

untitled    FEMM also known as Far East Mention Mannequins debuted in early 2014 as an electro dance duo from Japan consisting of the mannequins, Lula and Riri, that come to life to perform and make us wonder, “do mannequins have feelings?” What separates them from other Japanese pop groups? It all lies within their infectious beats and total dedication to their performances with complex dances, not to mention all of their songs are sung in full English. Their single, Fxxk Boyz Get Money, became a small viral hit in the summer of 2014. Femm-Isation, their first album, was released in October 2014 but it was only available digitally. That year was important and busy for them as they constantly released new songs and music videos and gained a strong cult following in the underground scene and even made some appearances in America. A year and a half ago I wrote about them on this blog just when I was getting into them and have been keeping them on my radar ever since.

     Even though they have been around for a couple of years, we still do not know much about them. I believe the mysterious and secretive vibes they give off adds to why people are so interested in figuring out FEMM. The have recently stated their comeback for 2016 with their major debut by releasing their first physical copy album this February 3rd with two new songs, “PoW!” and “LCS” , three unreleased songs, and remixes of their older songs. Two versions of their album will come out, the normal version and the “silent package” version. The “silent package” will include an extra CD to download the music on. With the year just beginning and FEMM already accomplishing big things,  I hope that FEMM reaches a whole new level of popularity and success in 2016. Here’s hoping to a US tour!untitled

FEMM’s Website
FEMM’s Youtube
FEMM’s Instagram

Purchase the album! (x) (x)



Things have been not so great but there will be new posts soon. Here’s a Halloween playlist I made:
1. Everyday Is Halloween-Ministry
2. Drac’s back-The Bollock Brothers
3. Soul Dracula-Hot Blood
4. Haunted House-Bee Gees
5. Feed My Frankenstein-Alice Cooper
6. Zombie Lady-Minitel Rose
7. Strange Days-The Doors
8. Angela’s Theme-From Sleepaway Camp
9. Riboflavin-45 Grave
10. She’s My Witch-Kip Tyler
11.Werewolf-The Frantics
12. Season of The Witch-Donovan
13. Black Magic Woman-Fleetwood Mac
14. Black Mass-Electric Wizard
15. Suspiria Theme
16. Somebody’s Watching Me-Rockwell
17. Voodoo Idol-The Cramps
18. Dead Disco Dancer-O. Children
19. I Put a Spell On You-CCR 

I went as Eddie Gluskin from Outlast. Pictures will be posted soon. Hope everyone had a groovy time!

Fashion Icons: Minori and Japanese female artists mix cd!

Have you ever heard of Shironuri? You’ve probably seen me talk about it a while back briefly. Shironuri originates from a traditional Japanese style that dates back hundreds of years to Geisha and Kabuki performers. Nowadays it’s being added with more modern twists such as Kawaii (cute), Gothic, Victorian, nature, rave and Horror fashion. The word translates to “painted white.” 

Japanese-Shironuri-Fashion-Harajuku-001-600x400 Japanese-Shironuri-Fashion-Harajuku-068-600x400


Even in Japan it is still very underground but thanks to artists like Minori it’s been getting tons of exposure over the last few years.

At only twenty-three years old, she has already been on Vogue and is an international Shironuri model. She got into the subculture at age eighteen and has made a huge impact in Tokyo culture ever since. She makes all her outfits! Minori is a frequent model on TokyoFashion,com. 

Since she grew up in the country side, that is her main inspiration for Shironuri. She looks to nature for ideas and motivation.

She holds exhibits in Japan every few months. I’d love to go.
You can find her on her website and her Tumblr.


I’m addicted to making mix cds and why not make one dedicated to cool Japanese female artists? Here you go!

“J-pop that isn’t anime or vocaloid? What??”

1. Dreamers Dream – Twinkerbell
2. Gimme Gimme – Mademoiselle Yulia
3. Fxxk Boys Get Money – FEMM
4. Sunny – Mademoiselle Yulia
5. Wannabe – FEMM
6. Daydream – Judy and Mary
7. Black Candy – Koda Kumi
8. White Noise – FEMM
9. Mi – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
10. 1mm – Perfume 
11. After Dinner – Ironclad Mermaid 
12. Chronic – Mademoiselle Yulia

Japan’s hottest new duo, FEMM


FEMM or Far East Mention Mannequins are a Japanese pop group, They are supposed to be Mannequins that come to life and they take it seriously. They are SW-000000 (a.k.a RiRi) and MS-000000 (a.k.a LuLa.) They’re brand new and have barely gotten any promotion it seems. I don’t know why, I really like them so far. Typically I’m not into much modern pop or J pop but it’s something about them…

What makes them different? They sing all of their songs in English, except their cover of the late 70’s Pink Lady song, UFO which is in Japanese.

They have become popular on Tumblr with their song “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” which like any other pop song today It’s auto-tuned but they nail it with the raw rapping and hip beat, plus they’re twerking in Gothic Lolita outfits…weird but strangely addicting and fun to watch. 



The music video for UFO is insane.

Wannabe is another “should be” club hit.






D.I.Y band shirts and the Disco life style

Want a band t shirt but can’t afford those expensive $20 and $30 ones? A simple and cheap way to make awesome shirts is iron-on transfer sheets! Just go to your Wal-mart in the crafts section (or order ones online.) If you’re going to do this on a light t-shirt, get transfer paper for “light fabric.” If you’re doing it on a dark t-shirt get transfer paper for “dark fabric”. Find the image(s) you want and print them on your transfer sheet. If there’s whiteness around the photos, cut it off.  For the light fabric transfers, reverse the photo before you print it and then iron it on the shirt with the protective cover over it. For the dark fabric transfers, print it exactly how it is and just put the protective cover sheet over the picture and iron it over for about one minute to make sure it sticks to the shirt. Here’s a Depeche Mode shirt I did a while back.
unnamed (4)
Now here is where i messed up and now know. When it comes to washing these, it’s best to hand wash them gently inside out. I was careless and threw mine in the washer and it got a little ruined. I’ll post the better recent ones soon. With the proper care it can really turn out good.

Now to get a little off topic. I’ve been obsessed with disco music for the past half year. It all started when I saw the movie Saturday Night Fever
Instantly I fell in love with the A+ sound track and the fashion (that I’m heavily inspired by.) This film is perfect for capturing the time period of the late 70s. Often It’s brushed over as a silly dance movie but it’s SO MUCH MORE. A young and beautiful John Travolta plays Tony Manero, a troubled and prejudiced youth that finds comfort in going to the disco every night. Many soundtracks are based off the film but in this case the film is based off the soundtrack and could tell the story without the film. It’s easily my favorite film. Other great movies about Disco are Roller Boogie (Linda Blair is in it too c’mon now), The Secret Disco Revolution (couldn’t find the full movie online but it’s on Netflix), and Xanadu.     Where do you start music wise? Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack , The Best Of Donna Summer, But For The Grace Of God Go I by Machine, I Want Your Love – Chic. Want even more?? Here’s some Italo-disco! I Wanna Be Your Lover – La Bionda, Looking Through The Night – Art of Love, Take A Chance – Mr. Flagio, (Daft Punk anyone?), and Slice Me Nice – Fancy. Italo-disco is mostly 80s futuristic European Disco. You won’t believe that all of this stuff came out thirty years ago. Though, it’s still big in Europe today. What’s modern disco called? Is Disco still alive? Yes and It’s back with a vengeance! It’s called Nu-disco and the best example I can give you is Daft Punk’s recent album Random Access Memories.  Disco is fun, carefree, magical music and it’ll change your life if you let it. Now go forth and get educated.