How to care for dyed hair

A few helpful tips to keep your dyed hair healthy and the color as strong so it won’t fade immediately.

1. Don’t wash your hair too often.
       It really depends on your hair but at least try to only wash your hair once a week. Once every two weeks is better.

2. When you do wash it, avoid shampoo.
       Shampoo will strip your color out faster than usual, just use your normal conditioner.

3.  Save a little dye so you can use it in your conditioner in order to keep the color vibrant.

4. When you’re done conditioning, deep condition your hair for about an hour.
       For healthier hair, use a heating cap or a hair dryer to let the condition settle in more.

5.  While you’re washing your hair, never use warm or hot water. 
        Using hot water opens up the hair follicles and allows the color to wash out easier. Cold water locks the dye in.