Simple Halloween DIY’s!

I know this is late but here’s some Halloween inspired accessories and clothes I’ve done in the past week or so.


Bleached bat jeans. It’s pretty simple. Just cut out bat stencils and dip a small towel into some bleach and press it around the stencil.


A devil shirt I sewed up.


Some earrings I made from polymer clay.

That’s about it!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. Depression has been kicking my ass lately and I haven’t had much inspiration, but tomorrow’s Halloween and I’ll be dressing up as one of my favorite video game characters, Josh Washington from Until Dawn. Then Sunday I get to go see Marilyn Manson! I’ll be sure to post what I can.

Kat Von D’s Slayer Black Lipstick Review/Dark Lipstick Recommendations/DIY Eyeball necklace

Have you ever tried wearing black lipstick? Do you think it’s tacky and only for Halloween? (If you said yes to the last one then wow you must be boring) Do you like dark/unique lipsticks? I recently finally got my hands on one of Kat Von D’s lipsticks called Slayer and I immediately rushed home to try it on. It’s a bit pricey ($21) but I think it’s worth it since it’s better than my old black lipstick that I hated (Fergie’s Pagan Angel, dried up and never stuck on). I’ve gotten questions from friends about how to make black or any dark lipstick stick on and here’s a few tips I use.

Fill in your lips beforehand with eye liner.


I used NYX’s jumbo eye pencil. It made the black lipstick look more rich and dark.

Then I applied Slayer.

WP_20150530_13_45_33_Pro WP_20150530_13_45_58_Pro

(The packaging is really badass by the way, the lipstick even has KVD’s initials on it)


After I finished that I gently put on some black eye shadow to help set everything. Personally this worked well for me. Use eye shadow that’s closest to the lipstick color.


These pictures are a bit blurry, oh well.

Overall, I dig Slayer. It applies smooth and doesn’t tug on your lips. It stays on for a decent amount of time. Though after wearing it for a few hours it does start getting patchy on your lips and it shows. However, I feel like if your lips are hydrated before you put it on and you prepare your lips like I have in this “how-to” it can last longer and look better. I have heard that some of KVD’s other lipsticks aren’t so good like Motorhead and Homegirl and that Wonderchild and L.U.V. are very identical so be careful if you want to buy both of those.

Another lipstick I enjoy using is Kleancolor’s After Hours.


I got it from a store called No Clothes, I believe. Their shades come in all sorts of unique shades.


This goes on super smooth, but it takes a few applies to get it to a cool sorta sparkly blue with hints of turquoise.

To make it look even more awesome I used Revlon’s Electric Shock lip gloss and holy shit it looks good.

WP_20150530_13_53_46_Pro WP_20150530_13_53_53_Pro

The BIG con to this is that you can’t eat or drink with this, even just wearing the lipstick will make it rub off easily. I only paid about six bucks for this so I can’t complain. This lipstick and lip gloss are just for looking like a cool alien so if you’re hungry you should eat and then put this on. Maybe drinking from a straw would be okay with this on. It’s such a unique color and it’s cheap so that’s why I still like wearing this.

Are there any other guys like me that enjoy wearing make up? I never see any around… You all should see some of the looks I get when I wear some out. The joys of living in a homophobic and bigoted state…

I haven’t been making much jewelry lately due to lack of creativity and motivation but last week I made a new necklace.


It’s  simple but awesome. I just used an old glass eye, fixed it a little, stuck it in some polymer clay and sculpted around it, baked it, and painted it. I’m still debating whether or not I should open an etsy or not.

Next week I’ll be traveling to Dallas and I’ll be working on a cool goth/alternative/japanese culture/art/music guide to all the sweet places I’ll visit. This should be very exciting so stay tuned!

Strange EXCLUSIVE artistry at an art festival

After going through a tough time in my life lately, I thought a great idea would be to hit up a downtown arts fest, called the Texas Avenue Makers Fair, in northwest Louisiana. Art festivals of all kinds can be tremendous inspirations. I grabbed my camera and notepad and went on the look out for alternative and bizarre but talented art work and individuals.


The first booth that caught my eye was the dark, horror themed art work of Mad Molly.  She had many paintings and sketches out.



IMG_5599                                      I immediately had to talk to her and learn more about her work.

IMG_5598            She gave me a free print of the middle sketch and of course I asked her to sign it. She was very sweet. You can also reach her at

When I left I ran into another interesting individual with bright purple hair named, Ashley Griffin, who runs LipstickKitten.  Her artwork is inspired by a plethora of things:  Nightvale, Anime, Rocky Horror Show, and lots more.



She showed me a big book of her prints, which featured bearded pin-ups and even Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

IMG_5592                                                               Frank N Furter tote bag

Pillows, prints, tote bags, buttons, clips, she makes an excessive amount of things. You can reach her at her etsy, tumblr, and facebook. You’re definitely going to find something you enjoy.

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September Kirameki magazine out now! New Etsy store possibly? and Cyberpunk artwork

The newest issue of Kirameki came out yesterday finally and my movie article was featured.
photo 1               I’m so excited. Hopefully I’ll get to work with Kirameki more in the future. Maybe their next issue… You can buy a copy here. I seriously recommend it. They specialize in all aspects of alternative culture.

Since I’ve had quite a few requests to open an Etsy, I’m seriously considering it. How do you guys feel about Etsy? Should I open a store? I’d be selling artwork and jewelry mostly, like what I have posted around here. Here’s a new necklace I made that I’m planning sell.
photo 2 photo 4

If anybody is interested let me know!

photo (3)

My current obsession is Cyberpunk. So I painted a robot girl ripping her skin off to reveal her true identity. I really dig how it turned out.

I’ve never had this many lively things happen to me. Hopefully the fun doesn’t stop here. Stay groovy everyone.

KERA magazine Alt fashion, D.I.Y tongue necklace, and a special announcement!

           The September issue of KERA magazine finally arrived to me yesterday. This was the first time I got to have my hands on a Japanese fashion magazine. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

       It features popular Tokyo model and boy-style icon, Akira. (BTW boy-style is a fashion where girls and women dress up in boy/unisex clothing)
KERA is great because it focuses on all types of Japanese pop culture: punk, goth, fairy-kei, classic lolita, normal looks, anything!


         Remember my post about Haruka Kurebayashi? Here she is again being incredibly cute. I don’t know who the model is in the right photo on the left. If anybody knows, let me know.


         More examples of some of the variety in KERA. If you don’t live in Japan, it can be hard finding Japanese fashion magazines. It’s best to look on Ebay or Amazon. I got mine from Amazon for a cheap price. I used Jamazing Store, which provided quick shipping for a reasonable price.

         I forgot to post about it here, but a couple weeks ago I made a new necklace. Just by sculpting clay, baking, then painting it I came out with this.

photo (5)photo (3)

photo (4)        I used decora pills from MiniatureSweet. (seriously, their shop is addicting). If I started selling jewelry, would anybody be interested?


                             (Grace Hill Grace Hill Images at GracefullyWicked Studios)

          Are you guys ready for the big news?? For a while. I have been talking about me possibly writing for the new fashion magazine, Kirameki, and until now it was not confirmed whether or not it would work out…but it has! In the September issue, which comes out on the fifteenth of this month, my movie article about witchcraft films (below post) will be featured. For the magazine I tweaked it a bit to make it look for pleasing so grab a copy if you can. I’ll try to post pictures here ASAP. This is the first time my writings have been published. Here’s to more success in the future maybe?

D.I.Y band shirts and the Disco life style

Want a band t shirt but can’t afford those expensive $20 and $30 ones? A simple and cheap way to make awesome shirts is iron-on transfer sheets! Just go to your Wal-mart in the crafts section (or order ones online.) If you’re going to do this on a light t-shirt, get transfer paper for “light fabric.” If you’re doing it on a dark t-shirt get transfer paper for “dark fabric”. Find the image(s) you want and print them on your transfer sheet. If there’s whiteness around the photos, cut it off.  For the light fabric transfers, reverse the photo before you print it and then iron it on the shirt with the protective cover over it. For the dark fabric transfers, print it exactly how it is and just put the protective cover sheet over the picture and iron it over for about one minute to make sure it sticks to the shirt. Here’s a Depeche Mode shirt I did a while back.
unnamed (4)
Now here is where i messed up and now know. When it comes to washing these, it’s best to hand wash them gently inside out. I was careless and threw mine in the washer and it got a little ruined. I’ll post the better recent ones soon. With the proper care it can really turn out good.

Now to get a little off topic. I’ve been obsessed with disco music for the past half year. It all started when I saw the movie Saturday Night Fever
Instantly I fell in love with the A+ sound track and the fashion (that I’m heavily inspired by.) This film is perfect for capturing the time period of the late 70s. Often It’s brushed over as a silly dance movie but it’s SO MUCH MORE. A young and beautiful John Travolta plays Tony Manero, a troubled and prejudiced youth that finds comfort in going to the disco every night. Many soundtracks are based off the film but in this case the film is based off the soundtrack and could tell the story without the film. It’s easily my favorite film. Other great movies about Disco are Roller Boogie (Linda Blair is in it too c’mon now), The Secret Disco Revolution (couldn’t find the full movie online but it’s on Netflix), and Xanadu.     Where do you start music wise? Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack , The Best Of Donna Summer, But For The Grace Of God Go I by Machine, I Want Your Love – Chic. Want even more?? Here’s some Italo-disco! I Wanna Be Your Lover – La Bionda, Looking Through The Night – Art of Love, Take A Chance – Mr. Flagio, (Daft Punk anyone?), and Slice Me Nice – Fancy. Italo-disco is mostly 80s futuristic European Disco. You won’t believe that all of this stuff came out thirty years ago. Though, it’s still big in Europe today. What’s modern disco called? Is Disco still alive? Yes and It’s back with a vengeance! It’s called Nu-disco and the best example I can give you is Daft Punk’s recent album Random Access Memories.  Disco is fun, carefree, magical music and it’ll change your life if you let it. Now go forth and get educated.

How to care for dyed hair

A few helpful tips to keep your dyed hair healthy and the color as strong so it won’t fade immediately.

1. Don’t wash your hair too often.
       It really depends on your hair but at least try to only wash your hair once a week. Once every two weeks is better.

2. When you do wash it, avoid shampoo.
       Shampoo will strip your color out faster than usual, just use your normal conditioner.

3.  Save a little dye so you can use it in your conditioner in order to keep the color vibrant.

4. When you’re done conditioning, deep condition your hair for about an hour.
       For healthier hair, use a heating cap or a hair dryer to let the condition settle in more.

5.  While you’re washing your hair, never use warm or hot water. 
        Using hot water opens up the hair follicles and allows the color to wash out easier. Cold water locks the dye in.