Happy World Goth day!!

May 22 every year is World Goth Day and I always celebrate it by playing my personal theme song. Everyday is Halloween by Ministry.

This video is a mash up of all kinds of horror movies.

This weekend I’ll be posting a new post/reviews that I think will be useful. Until then stay groovy~

Fashion Icons: AYA AND BAMBI



One of my biggest obsessions lately is an upcoming Japanese dance duo with their dark, alluring, hypnotic, looks. They do witchcraft with their dance movements and just watching them makes me feel ecstatic. Aya and Bambi Sato are not only dancers but also models, photographers, and multi-media artists.



 What makes them stand out? They challenge the norm status in Japan and push boundaries with their fashion statements and their lifestyle. A lot of people seem to mistake them for sisters, but they are actually an engaged couple. It is still illegal in Japan for gay marriages but that doesn’t stop them from publicly expressing their love.


Their dancing mainly pulls inspiration from Voguing (which originated in the 1970’s by gay black and latino dancers). Tutting, Gothic, and even Geisha movements all seem to have influenced them as well.



Right now, they are touring as backup dancers with Madonna all over England and last year they were featured in this incredible music video by Zinc. It would be a dream to visit a workshop of theirs.

Here is them SLAYING it at one of their workshops last year.


They are so damn influential to me. I think I’m going to cry.

Aya’s Twitter
Bambi’s Twitter

Goth/Alt people from around the world #4: Redtail


What’s your name? (Or what do you go by?)

How old are you?
mid-twenties, let’s not get into detail.


Where are you from?
Taipei, Taiwan

Describe your style.
If I have to put my main style in one term I might say Witchy New-Romantic.
But it’s more like an 90’s take of it.
Like somewhere between Rozz Williams, Boy George and the movie The Craft.
It’s still very dark tone goth style with all the black, leather and lace.
But also mix with print, and some colors here and there, like the old goth pun “putting the fun in funeral.”
Big earring, choker and hats are pretty essential for my outfits.


How did you become interested in your style of fashion?
I grow up with 90’s anime, that says extreme lots about me.
There was a lot of dark and androgynous style going on back there, Gothic Lolita was my very first introduction to gothic culture.
Also like every goth of my generation, The Addams Family and Tim Burton happened.
Music is definitely another big turning point, way before I got into the goth theme I was into more pop-punk and J-Rock style of music.
Which reacting as my beginning of rather alternative style, then it just keep evolving and maturing as with my musical taste.

Where are you favorite places to shop for your style? Or do you make your own clothing?
Second-hand and discount sessions, or discount session of second-hand store.
Main reason being that’s the only place I can afford, but that also representing more of a trad goth/punk spirit in my opinion, or in my defense.
But for real, even if I’m wealthy i would still prefer second-hand, you can find stuff that’s way more interesting in the market and the finding progress is a fun adventure.
And it’s way better to just wear things actually from the 80’s and 90’s than the resemble of it.
I make some accessory myself, and do modification to my clothes as well. Again, trad spirit.SONY DSC

Who/what are your influences?

Music of course.
80’s Goth, New Romantic to 90’s Alternative Rock and Industrial especially.
Also 90’s anime/manga like I mentioned earlier.
Harajuku fashion had very strong impact on me when I was younger, and you can still sea some leftover from that here and there.
But I would say my biggest inspiration is from clothes itself. Since shopping for me is more about what I can find than what I want to find.
So while I got a taste reflating out of music, styling is more about how I could mix those pieces I got and create my own style out of it.

What does your fashion taste say about you?
My dark interest, some hints of music taste, but most importantly, I’m being true to myself.


Redtail is absolutely one of my top fashion/make-up inspirations on Tumblr.

You can follow them right here.


If you have a cool alternative/goth style you would like to show off, send me an email!

Cool and Chic Tokyo Fusion Fashion Brand SALZ TOKYO


Hey night fever royalties! This week I was able to talk to Anji Salz, the person behind the clothing brand SALZ Tokyo which was formed in 2014. Originally from Germany, she came over to Japan after she fell in love with the culture at a young age. It sparked from her love of Visual Kei and studying the language. (I realized we had similar stories of how we got into Japanese culture.)

“There was a certain magic about Japan which always made me feel at home as soon as I came here so I decided I want to break out of my save life and start an adventure on the other half of the globe.”

I’ve felt the same way for so long!


How did you get into fashion designing?
Anji: “Well basically everything started with blog readers who saw me customizing phone cases etc. and wanted me to create some designs cases for them. I always loved to create something with my hand but never thought about selling. So there I was, taking custom orders and then trying out to create accessories and fashion items for myself and offering them to my customers. My creations were also showcased in a shop called AVANTGARDE Japan in Harajuku as they support local designers.”

What fuels your creations?
Anji: “My inspirations come from Harajuku street fashion and just whatever I soak up while shopping or walking around. I treasure vintage clothing a lot (and also most of my clothes are vintage items gathered from across the globe) as many pieces are timeless, good quality and very fun to arrange with modern elements. Especially in the recent years I see a rapid change in just cheap fast fashion, every shop selling the same thing which falls apart after wearing it 10 times. My wishes for the future are that people start treasuring handmade products and locally produced fashion more, just for the sake of diversity, jobs and quality.”


“In Japan I feel like everyone dresses the same, behaves the same, girls need to be kawaii and pink and men just form an army of black suits. For the future I hope that Japan can ease up a little and let people express themselves like what we see on the streets in Harajuku. The diversity and young people enjoying themselves, trying out things is really wonderful.”

How do you describe your style?
Anji: “I really enjoy fashion and the expression of current mood or seasons with it. My wardrobe is very colourful and I dress depending on my feelings. I like to surprise and stick out a bit, show that fashion can be fun on so many levels.”

Her goal is to create fashion free rules by combining chic looks while being inspired by her homeland and the ever changing, exciting Tokyo.


Recently, she has been incredibly active with other projects and businesses but still tries to find time to come up with new ideas.


Where can you find SALZ Tokyo?
Website (日本人)

Goth/Alt people from around the world #3: Manic Moth


A young illustration student that has a passion for Gothic fashion and fantasy, she has one of the most interesting styles I’ve come across so far.

What’s your name?
– I go by Manic Moth

Where are you from?
– I’m from Germany

unnamed (1)Describe your style:
– My style is influenced by all kind of different Gothic styles but I would say that my main source of inspiration is fantasy literature. I love all kind of dark fantasy creatures and I try to reflect their morbid beauty in my style. For that I try to achieve a costume-like look that’s inspired by these creatures. Aside from fantasy I am also often inspired by historical art and fashion.

How did you become interested in your style of fashion?
– I was never really interested in “normal” fashion which changes all the time. Since I was a child I read fantasy literature and I was very interested in history as well. I thought that everything I read in those books or saw on old paintings seemed much more interesting than the fashion you can usually see in the shops. Later I got into Gothic music which is a genre that influenced me very much. I loved the morbid and melancholic beauty of the music as well as the Gothic looks.

Where are your favorite places to shop for your style? Or do you make unnamedyour own clothing?
– I can’t name any specific shops where I mostly buy my clothes since I rarely buy something new. There are some German websites though, like kleiderkreisel.de where you can trade your clothes against the clothes someone else doesn’t want anymore and I found some really nice pieces there. I also got a lot of stuff at lingerie stores that I just wear as or over my regular clothes. Some of my outfits I sewed myself, but there I mostly redesign stuff I bought rather than creating something new from scratch. When it comes to shoes I would recommend the brand Demonia.

Who/what are your influences?
– Fantasy, history, Gothic music and style.

What does your fashion taste say about you?
– I don’t know if it really says something about me besides that I love the dark beauty of things and that I hear Gothic music although I would hope that it creates something magical compared to all the typical fashion that is aimed at selling you goods instead of letting you create and fulfill yourself.

tumblr_nk8hp7ktt31sn8o3fo1_500 tumblr_n3sbe4A5Ui1sn8o3fo1_500

I loved learning about her out-of-this-world diverse styles.
You can find her on her Tumblr: Manic-Moth

If you have a style you’d like to show off, please check out the “Want to be featured here?” link at the top of the page!

ANNI PENG Co-Founder/Creator of unisex concept store BROKE BITCH

25 copy

Anni Peng and her husband were sick of the gender roles that we are forced to live under from birth. So in April of 2014 they created the BKBT Concept store to knock down societies rules and expectations. They claim to be one of the few businesses that enforce unisex fashion and I can believe it. Most stores in person and their websites still have the typical “guys only” “girls only” sections. Their mission is to “create a shopping experience where people would shop freely, and we believe that social norms cannot determine our gender roles, primarily, the way we dress. We believe in gender-neutral roles.”

12-LACED FISHTAIL PARKA-brokebitch-unisex-fashion

Along with learning more about her work, I asked her a few questions about herself personally to learn more about the rad person behind the influential brand.

Here’s her short bio:

PENG: I graduated from The University of Oregon 2013, majoring in neuropsychology and philosophy.
Fashion and business have always been my passion, so my husband and I started BKBT Concept (Broke Bitch) in April, 2014. We’ve been growing the business as of late, I am the creative director, helping establish the aesthetic of the store and shopping experience on our site

What’s everything you do for a living these days?

PENG: I am the Co-founder and Creative Director at BKBT Concept full time.

How would you describe your personal style?

PENGI don’t really try to put myself in any category, I dress for my inner feelings and for my soul, not particularly for particular person or societal group. I definitely prefer the dark silhouette/goth style.
I started dressing like that at around 15/16 years of age. I was even in a goth band! Haha.

Since you were in a goth band, are you still involved with music in any way? I just find all of this so cool. 8 copy

PENG: I am currently not involved in any music, because the business schedule can get really crazy sometimes! However, if I have a chance in the future, I would continue!

What kind of things inspire you with your fashion?

PENG: Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens are my muses. I was also heavily influenced from X-japan, Malice Mizer when I was a teenager. Haha.


“BKBT Concept regularly blurs the boundaries between genders, we want to provide a fit in our clothing that allows the consumer to express themselves without limitations.”


You know another cool thing I forgot to mention about Broke Bitch? They show a diversity in models. All of this is taking a step forward in the right direction. I hope for big things for Anni and her husband with this and their projects.

You can find them on their store’s website: bkbtconcept.com

Their twitter: bkbtconcept

Anni’s instagram: pimp_ap

Anni’s website: AnniPeng.com


Goth/Alt people from around the world #2: Cynthia


How old are you?

Where are you from?

Describe your style.
It’s pretty diverse. My style runs from classic mori fashion with tons of lace and ruffles, to strega/dark mori with all sorts of dark layers and textures, to romantic gothic fashions with velvets, lace and fishnet, to classic minimalism. It depends on my mood that day. If I had to pick one style to define me, it would be a gothic-leaning strega style that I dubbed “shadow strega” when all of us on Tumblr were in the spirit of labeling our personal “substrega” styles a while back.

How did you discover mori kei/dark mori fashion?

getting dressedI think I must have seen pictures on Tumblr, but I didn’t know what it was or where it came from. Eventually one user I follow used the “mori girl” tag, and I had a word for what I was so drawn to. As I researched mori and dark mori online I found that they fit my personality perfectly.

scary dress Where are you favorite places to shop for your style? Or do you make your own clothing? 
I prefer to shop at thrift stores, but small boutiques are often a good source for ultra feminine, frilly clothes. Really, suitable clothing can be found anywhere as long as you know what to look for. I like the idea of making clothing and I do sometimes alter clothes I find, but I’m not good enough at sewing to make it much of a habit!

Who/what are your influences?
I’m influenced by concepts or general aesthetics more than people or characters. Antiques; the Victorian era; the 1920s; nature; witchcraft; divination; literature in the gothic, surreal horror, mystery and fantasy genres; Tim Burton; Guillermo Del Toro; Neil Gaiman; dark music (especially dark ambient); Alice in Wonderland; The Secret Garden; Silent Hill; Halloween; haunted houses and other such nonsense all influence my style as I attempt to channel them into the medium of fashion. Also, I really like Stevie Nicks’s style!

Stone LionWhat does your fashion taste say about you?
I think it reflects my experimental and curious nature, and as a pagan witch it’s also an outward expression of my religious and lifestyle practices. I would describe myself as whimsical, and my style tends to show that, I think. I’ve had an urge to dress like either a fairy tale heroine or a witch since I was a kid, and I finally have a socially acceptable outlet for that.

A thank you to Cynthia for her participation!
Do you have a cool goth or Japanese inspired style you would like to show off on Night Fever King? If so, please send an email to nightfeverking@gmail.com.