FEMM, the most beloved mannequin duo, makes their 2016 debut!

untitled    FEMM also known as Far East Mention Mannequins debuted in early 2014 as an electro dance duo from Japan consisting of the mannequins, Lula and Riri, that come to life to perform and make us wonder, “do mannequins have feelings?” What separates them from other Japanese pop groups? It all lies within their infectious beats and total dedication to their performances with complex dances, not to mention all of their songs are sung in full English. Their single, Fxxk Boyz Get Money, became a small viral hit in the summer of 2014. Femm-Isation, their first album, was released in October 2014 but it was only available digitally. That year was important and busy for them as they constantly released new songs and music videos and gained a strong cult following in the underground scene and even made some appearances in America. A year and a half ago I wrote about them on this blog just when I was getting into them and have been keeping them on my radar ever since.

     Even though they have been around for a couple of years, we still do not know much about them. I believe the mysterious and secretive vibes they give off adds to why people are so interested in figuring out FEMM. The have recently stated their comeback for 2016 with their major debut by releasing their first physical copy album this February 3rd with two new songs, “PoW!” and “LCS” , three unreleased songs, and remixes of their older songs. Two versions of their album will come out, the normal version and the “silent package” version. The “silent package” will include an extra CD to download the music on. With the year just beginning and FEMM already accomplishing big things,  I hope that FEMM reaches a whole new level of popularity and success in 2016. Here’s hoping to a US tour!untitled

FEMM’s Website
FEMM’s Youtube
FEMM’s Instagram

Purchase the album! (x) (x)

Simple Halloween DIY’s!

I know this is late but here’s some Halloween inspired accessories and clothes I’ve done in the past week or so.


Bleached bat jeans. It’s pretty simple. Just cut out bat stencils and dip a small towel into some bleach and press it around the stencil.


A devil shirt I sewed up.


Some earrings I made from polymer clay.

That’s about it!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. Depression has been kicking my ass lately and I haven’t had much inspiration, but tomorrow’s Halloween and I’ll be dressing up as one of my favorite video game characters, Josh Washington from Until Dawn. Then Sunday I get to go see Marilyn Manson! I’ll be sure to post what I can.

Misrepresentation in the Goth community/Interview with youtuber Hello Batty

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a while but college has gotten pretty awful with all the work. The October issue of Carpe Nocturne came out last week and my article about goths of color and an interview with youtuber Hello Batty was published. I got to meet and talk to many other goths of color about how excluded we all felt in a subculure that glorifies whiteness and being pale. Not everyone got featured in the article but the people that were not in it I decided to put them in this blog post. Here is the magazine article. The main question was, “Can you tell me your experiences with being a goth poc? Did you ever feel excluded or told that you didn’t belong?”



Extra submissions from other goths:

Jadis DeHere  – “In general, being a goth POC gets your hostility from both sides. You have other POC asking you why you’re into “white people music” and you have goths saying you’re not goth enough because of your heritage. In my personal experiences, I’ve had goths make snarky remarks about my hair (comparing me to Nicki Minaj). I’m heard goth talk about the shape of certain body parts and how it looks odd in goth clothes. There are also microagressions that goth POC face constantly such as the stereotype that all goths are pale skinned. Non POC goths sometimes wear faux dreads, belly dancer’s outfits, or bindis but refuse to hear us out if we say are offended.”

James Fox” I’ve had varying reactions from people within the scene over the years, some ask me what I’m doing here (not in an angry way more a childlike and naive way) others assume I’m just putting on some kind of fancy dress costume and when I get home I’ll go back to baggy jeans and trainers, lot’s of people have assumed that I’m a drug dealer(I went through a massive phase of being asked for drugs at EVERY gig I went to a few years ago!) and quite often people try to talk to me with good intentions but come off as offensive/patronizing.
When I go to clubs/gigs I’m well aware I’m quite often the only POC there and I can deal with that but the type of situations I’ve just described heighten that isolation which makes me anxious this also make it a bit of a nightmare when it comes to dating as I feel people within the scene have a type and I’m miles away from that so I rarely bother approaching anyone cause I just assume they’re not interested.”

April (Noviceworks-tx.tumblr.com)” The issue was though—I never saw non-white people celebrated in gothic art, photoshoots, etc until a few trickled in sporadically around my late teens, not including the Gothic Lolita sub-bubble. And even then, the emphasis on being as pale as possible was really damaging. The general Goth aesthetic really reinforced the white supremacist ideals of beauty that already permeate the world at large, and it’s not really surprising considering the other values of the century classic goth is meant to emulate. 

And in keeping with that, the more opulent styles of Goth—classic, vampire, romantic, etc—all center around worshiping the upper class of an era that got it’s wealth from ravaging POC countries. It would get really awkward looking at Victorian styles, or hearing people want to ‘go back’ to that era when I had in mind that I’d most likely be a slave in a sugar cane field at the time. The Gothic gods of literature, say HP Lovecraft, would have all been disgusted at the idea of me being able to read their work, and that always KILLED me.”

Patty (carryonmywaywardangel.tumblr.com)“The strangeness when being a POC that is an ally for others, you can see the appropriation everywhere in Goth culture.  Ankhs, crosses, typical religious symbols worn for their darker aesthetics.  And also, the fashionably offensive and off-putting way Western goths try to incorporate Asian themes.  From their flimsy fans to making their eyes purposefully thinner than usual. I understand they are appreciating Asian culture in their own way, but it’s racist.”

Many people came to me and thanked me for writing about this topic and I’m glad I could help inspire and motivate others!
Here is my article with Hello Batty that was featured as well.
I had been working on this interview with her for quite some time so it’s great I got it finished! She was a delight to talk to. Click on the photos to view them better.


Hey everyone! This weekend I attended the 2015 Geek’d Con that took place in Shreveport, Louisiana. This was probably my favorite convention I have attended this year. It was held at the Shreveport Convention Center from August 21-23 and I went on the 22nd. Although I was only there for one day, SO MUCH happened and I met many great people and had a great time.


I went with my friend Mihika (which you’ll see later) and we got advanced tickets. It’s good we did because the line was long, but everyone get in super quickly.



The first place we hit up was Corset Punk, a business that makes beautiful goth and steampunk corsets.




Next up was Bricks 4 Kidz, a place where you could play with Legos and of course Mihika and I said “what the hell why not” and stayed there for about 15 minutes.



The cosplays I saw this year were fantastic and creative as well. It was awesome trying to guess who everyone was.



I can’t believe I saw a Daft Punk cosplay, this person is amazing.



I got a lot of photos and ran into lots of cool people, so if you want to see more click the link! Continue reading

FIERCE MAGENTA Cosmetics review: “Turquoise Dream” and “Electra” lip colors

Fierce Magenta is an indie vegan make up brand that’s been on Etsy for some time. Since they’re still kinda underground, I was a little nervous purchasing from them ONLY because their colors looked too cool and unique to be actually true. It’s complicated finding truly unique lip colors and this brand has tons and tons of them I never thought could work. I bought two colors, Turquoise Dream and Electra.

Turquoise dream is a bright metallic blue. Here’s a photo from FM’s site.

il_570xN_606034401_qzjlPretty amazing, right? Here’s how it turned out when I put it on.


The lightening in my photo isn’t great, but I can say that the color actually stayed true to the photo that was advertised. It’s perfect.

The next color is Electra. Here’s the photos from FM’s site.



 It’s described as black with plum and turquoise undertones. The lightening in the top photo makes it look a bit different then what it looked like when I put it on, which looked more like the bottom photo. Though this is a kind of color that changes colors depending on the angle and lightening. Still, it’s a great look.
Here’s my photos.


It’s hard capturing the really nice bits of gold/blue glitter that are in it. One day I’ll get better photos of it.

The lip sticks/glosses are about $9.69 a piece. These glosses come off very easily unless you use some lip liner and a lipstick underneath to help make it stick. Even when they do fade, they fade into cool colors so it doesn’t look so bad. They come in simple tubes with a Fierce Magenta sticker on it, nothing special. Oh, and they ship very fast. The products came in like two days.  I’ll definitely buy from them again since their colors are phenomenal.

Here’s their Etsy store.

SBS Anime Festival/Night Fever King 1 year anniversary!!!!

A few days ago on July 11th I went to a small anime/pop culture con in northern Louisiana. It was held in the same place at the Louisiana Comic Con back in February. I also celebrated the one year anniversary of Night Fever King!


Surprisingly, the event wasn’t promoted much. The turnout was smaller than I expected and not many people dressed up.:( I had a cosplay idea but due to last minute mess I wasn’t able to dress up with the idea I had in mind, but there’s another con in August/September I’ll be sure to go all out for. Since there wasn’t a lot of people I made sure to get a few photos of the people that did dress up and some of the vendors I liked.

IMG_6056 IMG_6057

IMG_6050 IMG_6051

There were LOTS of cool Japanese pop culture stuff I wanted to buy.

One of my absolute favorite vendors was the art of Jessica Von Braun. Her whimsical and dark art was great inspiration to me.

IMG_6052 IMG_6053 IMG_6054 IMG_6063 IMG_6064

I bought a necklace of one of her prints. Right below.


Her etsy is right here!

IMG_6055 IMG_6069 IMG_6067

Even more cute stuff I wanted to buy. Dammit.

More interesting cosplays.

IMG_6062IMG_6058IMG_6070 IMG_6068

Another cool place I stopped by was Witch Hazel, which sell witchcraft supplies and tarot readings. It’s nice to see other witches in my area.

IMG_6061 IMG_6059 IMG_6060

Unfortunately, this was all I was able to capture but like I mentioned earlier there will be more cons within the next month or two!


I leave you all with this photo of my friends Sierra and Ariel dressed up as generic anime girl protagonists.

Oh wait I almost forgot! I want to say a BIG thanks to everyone who has supported Night Fever King in its first year. I know my blog is still amateurish but at least I have a year of experience behind me now. In just a year of doing this I’ve interviewed authors, indie film directors, models, artists, fashion and blogging icons and more. I wrote for a couple magazines and attended some cool events that I could share with everyone. I wonder how my second year of running this blog will work out, hopefully things will get even better. Again, thanks to everyone for being patient and supportive. As always, stay groovy.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics review of the new lipstick color ABUSED


This shade recently came out a couple weeks ago and it already has sparked up much controversy because of the name “Abused.” Jeffree Star stated that the name inspiration came from his love of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams.” Its color is described as a blue bruise-like color with slight purple undertones. Personally, I don’t find it to be an issue since it’s just a name. It’s a beautiful color and I can’t wait to wear it out often.

Packaging and shipping:


I was disappointed with the shipping. I ordered it over a week ago and the shipping kept getting delayed a few days, but I’m an impatient person. At least it got here! It came wrapped in cool blue wrapping paper.


Each packaging comes with a small poster advertising another Jeffree Star lipstick. The lipstick comes in a bright blue case.

WP_20150701_12_15_23_Pro WP_20150701_12_14_48_Pro WP_20150701_12_15_00_Pro



Man, this is some good shit. The lipstick applied smoothly and the color was true to the photos. I also tested it to see how well does it actually stay on and it stays on so well that it’s a pain in the ass to get it off, but I like that. Who wants a lipstick that comes off just from talking after 30 minutes or getting a drink?

WP_20150701_12_19_21_Pro WP_20150701_12_19_27_Pro

It dries in about thirty seconds. This was my first time dealing with liquid lipstick so it took me a little while to apply it properly.



These photos are after I went back over and smoothed the edges.

Jeffree Star’s lipsticks are pricey ($18 plus shipping for me made it about $23) but I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews that turned out to be true when I got this so if you have extra money definitely give it a try. I think it’s worth it.

Have any of you tried out Jeffree Star Cosmetics yet?