FEMM, the most beloved mannequin duo, makes their 2016 debut!

untitled    FEMM also known as Far East Mention Mannequins debuted in early 2014 as an electro dance duo from Japan consisting of the mannequins, Lula and Riri, that come to life to perform and make us wonder, “do mannequins have feelings?” What separates them from other Japanese pop groups? It all lies within their infectious beats and total dedication to their performances with complex dances, not to mention all of their songs are sung in full English. Their single, Fxxk Boyz Get Money, became a small viral hit in the summer of 2014. Femm-Isation, their first album, was released in October 2014 but it was only available digitally. That year was important and busy for them as they constantly released new songs and music videos and gained a strong cult following in the underground scene and even made some appearances in America. A year and a half ago I wrote about them on this blog just when I was getting into them and have been keeping them on my radar ever since.

     Even though they have been around for a couple of years, we still do not know much about them. I believe the mysterious and secretive vibes they give off adds to why people are so interested in figuring out FEMM. The have recently stated their comeback for 2016 with their major debut by releasing their first physical copy album this February 3rd with two new songs, “PoW!” and “LCS” , three unreleased songs, and remixes of their older songs. Two versions of their album will come out, the normal version and the “silent package” version. The “silent package” will include an extra CD to download the music on. With the year just beginning and FEMM already accomplishing big things,  I hope that FEMM reaches a whole new level of popularity and success in 2016. Here’s hoping to a US tour!untitled

FEMM’s Website
FEMM’s Youtube
FEMM’s Instagram

Purchase the album! (x) (x)


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