FIERCE MAGENTA Cosmetics review: “Turquoise Dream” and “Electra” lip colors

Fierce Magenta is an indie vegan make up brand that’s been on Etsy for some time. Since they’re still kinda underground, I was a little nervous purchasing from them ONLY because their colors looked too cool and unique to be actually true. It’s complicated finding truly unique lip colors and this brand has tons and tons of them I never thought could work. I bought two colors, Turquoise Dream and Electra.

Turquoise dream is a bright metallic blue. Here’s a photo from FM’s site.

il_570xN_606034401_qzjlPretty amazing, right? Here’s how it turned out when I put it on.


The lightening in my photo isn’t great, but I can say that the color actually stayed true to the photo that was advertised. It’s perfect.

The next color is Electra. Here’s the photos from FM’s site.



 It’s described as black with plum and turquoise undertones. The lightening in the top photo makes it look a bit different then what it looked like when I put it on, which looked more like the bottom photo. Though this is a kind of color that changes colors depending on the angle and lightening. Still, it’s a great look.
Here’s my photos.


It’s hard capturing the really nice bits of gold/blue glitter that are in it. One day I’ll get better photos of it.

The lip sticks/glosses are about $9.69 a piece. These glosses come off very easily unless you use some lip liner and a lipstick underneath to help make it stick. Even when they do fade, they fade into cool colors so it doesn’t look so bad. They come in simple tubes with a Fierce Magenta sticker on it, nothing special. Oh, and they ship very fast. The products came in like two days.  I’ll definitely buy from them again since their colors are phenomenal.

Here’s their Etsy store.


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