Jeffree Star Cosmetics review of the new lipstick color ABUSED


This shade recently came out a couple weeks ago and it already has sparked up much controversy because of the name “Abused.” Jeffree Star stated that the name inspiration came from his love of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams.” Its color is described as a blue bruise-like color with slight purple undertones. Personally, I don’t find it to be an issue since it’s just a name. It’s a beautiful color and I can’t wait to wear it out often.

Packaging and shipping:


I was disappointed with the shipping. I ordered it over a week ago and the shipping kept getting delayed a few days, but I’m an impatient person. At least it got here! It came wrapped in cool blue wrapping paper.


Each packaging comes with a small poster advertising another Jeffree Star lipstick. The lipstick comes in a bright blue case.

WP_20150701_12_15_23_Pro WP_20150701_12_14_48_Pro WP_20150701_12_15_00_Pro



Man, this is some good shit. The lipstick applied smoothly and the color was true to the photos. I also tested it to see how well does it actually stay on and it stays on so well that it’s a pain in the ass to get it off, but I like that. Who wants a lipstick that comes off just from talking after 30 minutes or getting a drink?

WP_20150701_12_19_21_Pro WP_20150701_12_19_27_Pro

It dries in about thirty seconds. This was my first time dealing with liquid lipstick so it took me a little while to apply it properly.



These photos are after I went back over and smoothed the edges.

Jeffree Star’s lipsticks are pricey ($18 plus shipping for me made it about $23) but I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews that turned out to be true when I got this so if you have extra money definitely give it a try. I think it’s worth it.

Have any of you tried out Jeffree Star Cosmetics yet?


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