Funeral Parade of Roses – Underground 60’s Japanese LGTBQ film


This has become one of my favorite films recently because I feel it was before its time and I think it’s an important film to see if you’re lgtbq. It covers gay culture along with the typical 60’s hippie/drug era and shows you what Japanese culture was back then to young adults. It’s a drama along with some psychological tendencies. It gained it’s popularity when Stanley Kubrick said that it was a huge inspiration for him when he made A Clockwork Orange. It came out in !969 and was directed by Toshio Matsumoto.



(photos from

It’s about a cross dresser named Eddie and follows their trials with them and other cross dressers and gay people in Tokyo. Eddie deals with their hateful mother and another drag queen that despises them all while dealing with the booming hippie culture of the 1960’s.


(Eddie pictured above)

Eddie is played by a legendary Japanese gay performer, Peter. He gained his popularity for his androgynous appearance and for being a singer, dancer, and actor.


What surprised me is how gory it got. The very last five minutes can be graphic to those who are squeamish, but honestly it just made me love the film even more. The end scene really reminded me of one of the ending scenes in Helter Skelter (2012) with Erika Sawajiri. If you’ve seen that, you’ll know what I’m talking about. There is also a scene where Eddie catches his mother with a lover and stabs them repeatedly.


This film is also styled in a documentary sorta way. Many people are asked throughout the film about being gay or cross dressing or about the drugs they do.

This film is dark, it’s exciting, and it’s relevant. If you are in need of a strange film to see, or you’re a big fan of Japanese culture, you should give this a look. The best part is that it’s on Youtube! Click the link to view it.


Has anyone else seen it? I’m always open to movie recommendations and discussions.

A random thing I thought was funny was this warning I saw about the film on IMBD.
tumblr_nd1tqglMWS1rv2109o1_500Oh no us gay people are soooooo scary. Those damn spooky gays. ANYWAY, I just thought that warning was ridiculous.


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