Fashion Icons: AYA AND BAMBI



One of my biggest obsessions lately is an upcoming Japanese dance duo with their dark, alluring, hypnotic, looks. They do witchcraft with their dance movements and just watching them makes me feel ecstatic. Aya and Bambi Sato are not only dancers but also models, photographers, and multi-media artists.



 What makes them stand out? They challenge the norm status in Japan and push boundaries with their fashion statements and their lifestyle. A lot of people seem to mistake them for sisters, but they are actually an engaged couple. It is still illegal in Japan for gay marriages but that doesn’t stop them from publicly expressing their love.


Their dancing mainly pulls inspiration from Voguing (which originated in the 1970’s by gay black and latino dancers). Tutting, Gothic, and even Geisha movements all seem to have influenced them as well.



Right now, they are touring as backup dancers with Madonna all over England and last year they were featured in this incredible music video by Zinc. It would be a dream to visit a workshop of theirs.

Here is them SLAYING it at one of their workshops last year.


They are so damn influential to me. I think I’m going to cry.

Aya’s Twitter
Bambi’s Twitter


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