Goth/Alt people from around the world #4: Redtail


What’s your name? (Or what do you go by?)

How old are you?
mid-twenties, let’s not get into detail.


Where are you from?
Taipei, Taiwan

Describe your style.
If I have to put my main style in one term I might say Witchy New-Romantic.
But it’s more like an 90’s take of it.
Like somewhere between Rozz Williams, Boy George and the movie The Craft.
It’s still very dark tone goth style with all the black, leather and lace.
But also mix with print, and some colors here and there, like the old goth pun “putting the fun in funeral.”
Big earring, choker and hats are pretty essential for my outfits.


How did you become interested in your style of fashion?
I grow up with 90’s anime, that says extreme lots about me.
There was a lot of dark and androgynous style going on back there, Gothic Lolita was my very first introduction to gothic culture.
Also like every goth of my generation, The Addams Family and Tim Burton happened.
Music is definitely another big turning point, way before I got into the goth theme I was into more pop-punk and J-Rock style of music.
Which reacting as my beginning of rather alternative style, then it just keep evolving and maturing as with my musical taste.

Where are you favorite places to shop for your style? Or do you make your own clothing?
Second-hand and discount sessions, or discount session of second-hand store.
Main reason being that’s the only place I can afford, but that also representing more of a trad goth/punk spirit in my opinion, or in my defense.
But for real, even if I’m wealthy i would still prefer second-hand, you can find stuff that’s way more interesting in the market and the finding progress is a fun adventure.
And it’s way better to just wear things actually from the 80’s and 90’s than the resemble of it.
I make some accessory myself, and do modification to my clothes as well. Again, trad spirit.SONY DSC

Who/what are your influences?

Music of course.
80’s Goth, New Romantic to 90’s Alternative Rock and Industrial especially.
Also 90’s anime/manga like I mentioned earlier.
Harajuku fashion had very strong impact on me when I was younger, and you can still sea some leftover from that here and there.
But I would say my biggest inspiration is from clothes itself. Since shopping for me is more about what I can find than what I want to find.
So while I got a taste reflating out of music, styling is more about how I could mix those pieces I got and create my own style out of it.

What does your fashion taste say about you?
My dark interest, some hints of music taste, but most importantly, I’m being true to myself.


Redtail is absolutely one of my top fashion/make-up inspirations on Tumblr.

You can follow them right here.


If you have a cool alternative/goth style you would like to show off, send me an email!


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