Louisiana COMIC CON 2015: Favorite cosplays and outfits


Hey everyone! The next week or two on this blog will be pretty interesting to read since I am currently doing interviews with a Harajuku fashion designer, a cool Goth Youtuber, and Indie horror film makers, but right now let’s focus on what happened this weekend. The first “big” convention that Louisiana has tried to do, which was Louisiana Comic Con. Of course I wasn’t going to miss it. I arrived thirty minutes before it started (10 A.M.) and honestly if I had known how MANY PEOPLE WERE GOING TO SHOW UP I WOULD’VE CAME EARLIER . THE LINES WERE RIDICULOUS. I had to wait in the rain for five hours…
IMG_5764                                                      After waiting a couple hours, many people left.

IMG_5765                                                                     Almost at the door

IMG_5766                                                                       So damn close

Finally, at three o’ clock I was in, already very tired but ready to document the coolest cosplays and people.


One of my favorites of the day was this girl that dressed up as Go-Go from Kill Bill Vol.1. I loved it.


Definitely the scariest. Whoever this person was needs a highfive.

When I got more into the building I tried by best to take pictures of the overall small convention center.
IMG_5770 IMG_5771My only huge complaint was that the organizers should have known that when the pre-sale tickets sold out that it was going to be a big event. They place should have been a lot bigger and at least two days, but enough complaining. Back to more amazing cosplays!

IMG_5775IMG_5793 IMG_5795IMG_5800IMG_5789

Click the “read more” for more cosplays and well-known people I met up with.

A very sweet person I met here was Krystle Starr. A cosplayer, model, actress, and editor-in chief of Samaze magazine.
krystle-starrIMG_5781 IMG_5780She really liked my tongue pill necklace I made and took a photo of it. (I posted pictures of the necklace a few months back). I loved all her outfits.

Next person I met was Jerrad Vunovich, an upcoming actor, who’s been in The Hunger Games, The Starving Games, and recently American Horror Story: Freakshow as one of the carnies.
IMG_5796 IMG_5798Here’s him and I with my weird 80’s hair due to the awful weather.
Jerrad was incredibly kind and looked like he was genuinely having a good time. I asked him to give us ideas about what the next season of AHS would be about and he said the only thing he knows is that it involves a “top hat” and that it’s being filmed in Louisiana again. Did I mention this dude is 6’3??

Next up was Trisha Nishimura, an anime voice actress that’s worked with FUNimation entertainment.
IMG_5784She’s done the dub voices for some of my favorite animes such as Shin-Chan and Space Dandy. She was also did voices for Attack on Titan and Desert Punk. I wish I could have talked to her more but she was constantly busy with other fans.

IMG_5782 IMG_5783

Here is Haiden Hazard aka Rcsixtyfour. She’s a popular cosplayer that’s only been doing it for about three years! She makes all her outfits and props from scratch.


I got to see Brian Steward, an artist, writer, filmmaker, and radio host from Texas. He works with Fangoria and GoreZone. I wasn’t able to talk to him for too long and get a a good photo since many people were surrounded by his table.

IMG_5802 IMG_5803 IMG_5794



A decked out anime jacket.

IMG_5786 IMG_5788

IMG_5819 IMG_5818 IMG_5820IMG_5801IMG_5804

Below was a zombie make up vendor by ArtworkByBrooklyn.



Before I left, I saw these beautiful corsets made by CorsetPunk.


IMG_5822 IMG_5823 IMG_5825

While I was there I purchased a Carrie figurine (I almost cried) and a 90’s comic book called VAMPS and some Saturday Night Fever trading cards. I have great taste.
WP_20150221_23_54_00_Pro WP_20150222_00_08_02_Pro

This was the first con I was able to attend and I really enjoyed it. I met tons of awesome and talented cosplayers. Who knew Louisiana had all these creative people?


One thought on “Louisiana COMIC CON 2015: Favorite cosplays and outfits

  1. I Think I’m losing it in fact I kinda miss being a convention nutjob my personal struggles aside I wanted to point out that I have certain crushes on certain cosplayers (some do porn) like Paris kennedy tanya tate Amber love and a bunch of others but my favorite parts to the conventions are the comics always the comics if only I could’ve gone to Louisiana for their comic convention and of course the spandex wearing women okay I need help


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