Goth/Alt people from around the world #2: Cynthia


How old are you?

Where are you from?

Describe your style.
It’s pretty diverse. My style runs from classic mori fashion with tons of lace and ruffles, to strega/dark mori with all sorts of dark layers and textures, to romantic gothic fashions with velvets, lace and fishnet, to classic minimalism. It depends on my mood that day. If I had to pick one style to define me, it would be a gothic-leaning strega style that I dubbed “shadow strega” when all of us on Tumblr were in the spirit of labeling our personal “substrega” styles a while back.

How did you discover mori kei/dark mori fashion?

getting dressedI think I must have seen pictures on Tumblr, but I didn’t know what it was or where it came from. Eventually one user I follow used the “mori girl” tag, and I had a word for what I was so drawn to. As I researched mori and dark mori online I found that they fit my personality perfectly.

scary dress Where are you favorite places to shop for your style? Or do you make your own clothing? 
I prefer to shop at thrift stores, but small boutiques are often a good source for ultra feminine, frilly clothes. Really, suitable clothing can be found anywhere as long as you know what to look for. I like the idea of making clothing and I do sometimes alter clothes I find, but I’m not good enough at sewing to make it much of a habit!

Who/what are your influences?
I’m influenced by concepts or general aesthetics more than people or characters. Antiques; the Victorian era; the 1920s; nature; witchcraft; divination; literature in the gothic, surreal horror, mystery and fantasy genres; Tim Burton; Guillermo Del Toro; Neil Gaiman; dark music (especially dark ambient); Alice in Wonderland; The Secret Garden; Silent Hill; Halloween; haunted houses and other such nonsense all influence my style as I attempt to channel them into the medium of fashion. Also, I really like Stevie Nicks’s style!

Stone LionWhat does your fashion taste say about you?
I think it reflects my experimental and curious nature, and as a pagan witch it’s also an outward expression of my religious and lifestyle practices. I would describe myself as whimsical, and my style tends to show that, I think. I’ve had an urge to dress like either a fairy tale heroine or a witch since I was a kid, and I finally have a socially acceptable outlet for that.

A thank you to Cynthia for her participation!
Do you have a cool goth or Japanese inspired style you would like to show off on Night Fever King? If so, please send an email to


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