Fashion Icons: ELLEANOR

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The past couple of years, Elleanor has been spotted around Tokyo and has been easy to recognize with her colorful bob and crazy collection of buttons she wears. She started out working in Harajuku fashion boutiques. It wasn’t until February of 2014 that she become a part of the Tokyo Fashion team and her fan base grew even bigger.

When Elleanor’s Tokyo launched it gave us more of a look inside the daily and exciting life of one of Harajuku’s rising models and vloggers. An interesting fact about her is that she is fluent in English due to her spending much of her childhood in Singapore.
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She is inspired by vintage/resale fashion and is a huge fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.


Now at only twenty years old, she’s been in music videos (Porter’s Lionhearted which features more badass Harajuku women), she models for the Japanese fashion brand Omocat, she is a DJ, and the list goes on. (Photo is from her tumblr)

Elleanor-Styling-2014-004-853x1280 Elleanor-Styling-2014-003-853x1280

Her fashion is best described as colorful and childlike.

She even has fan art of her such as these.
lionhearted_elleanor_by_regaux-d7zayv3By Regaux


By liasailor

I’d love to meet her one day!

You can find her on her Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

*all street snap photos are from Tokyo Fashion

ANNI PENG Co-Founder/Creator of unisex concept store BROKE BITCH

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Anni Peng and her husband were sick of the gender roles that we are forced to live under from birth. So in April of 2014 they created the BKBT Concept store to knock down societies rules and expectations. They claim to be one of the few businesses that enforce unisex fashion and I can believe it. Most stores in person and their websites still have the typical “guys only” “girls only” sections. Their mission is to “create a shopping experience where people would shop freely, and we believe that social norms cannot determine our gender roles, primarily, the way we dress. We believe in gender-neutral roles.”

12-LACED FISHTAIL PARKA-brokebitch-unisex-fashion

Along with learning more about her work, I asked her a few questions about herself personally to learn more about the rad person behind the influential brand.

Here’s her short bio:

PENG: I graduated from The University of Oregon 2013, majoring in neuropsychology and philosophy.
Fashion and business have always been my passion, so my husband and I started BKBT Concept (Broke Bitch) in April, 2014. We’ve been growing the business as of late, I am the creative director, helping establish the aesthetic of the store and shopping experience on our site

What’s everything you do for a living these days?

PENG: I am the Co-founder and Creative Director at BKBT Concept full time.

How would you describe your personal style?

PENGI don’t really try to put myself in any category, I dress for my inner feelings and for my soul, not particularly for particular person or societal group. I definitely prefer the dark silhouette/goth style.
I started dressing like that at around 15/16 years of age. I was even in a goth band! Haha.

Since you were in a goth band, are you still involved with music in any way? I just find all of this so cool. 8 copy

PENG: I am currently not involved in any music, because the business schedule can get really crazy sometimes! However, if I have a chance in the future, I would continue!

What kind of things inspire you with your fashion?

PENG: Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens are my muses. I was also heavily influenced from X-japan, Malice Mizer when I was a teenager. Haha.


“BKBT Concept regularly blurs the boundaries between genders, we want to provide a fit in our clothing that allows the consumer to express themselves without limitations.”


You know another cool thing I forgot to mention about Broke Bitch? They show a diversity in models. All of this is taking a step forward in the right direction. I hope for big things for Anni and her husband with this and their projects.

You can find them on their store’s website:

Their twitter: bkbtconcept

Anni’s instagram: pimp_ap

Anni’s website:


Louisiana COMIC CON 2015: Favorite cosplays and outfits


Hey everyone! The next week or two on this blog will be pretty interesting to read since I am currently doing interviews with a Harajuku fashion designer, a cool Goth Youtuber, and Indie horror film makers, but right now let’s focus on what happened this weekend. The first “big” convention that Louisiana has tried to do, which was Louisiana Comic Con. Of course I wasn’t going to miss it. I arrived thirty minutes before it started (10 A.M.) and honestly if I had known how MANY PEOPLE WERE GOING TO SHOW UP I WOULD’VE CAME EARLIER . THE LINES WERE RIDICULOUS. I had to wait in the rain for five hours…
IMG_5764                                                      After waiting a couple hours, many people left.

IMG_5765                                                                     Almost at the door

IMG_5766                                                                       So damn close

Finally, at three o’ clock I was in, already very tired but ready to document the coolest cosplays and people.


One of my favorites of the day was this girl that dressed up as Go-Go from Kill Bill Vol.1. I loved it.


Definitely the scariest. Whoever this person was needs a highfive.

When I got more into the building I tried by best to take pictures of the overall small convention center.
IMG_5770 IMG_5771My only huge complaint was that the organizers should have known that when the pre-sale tickets sold out that it was going to be a big event. They place should have been a lot bigger and at least two days, but enough complaining. Back to more amazing cosplays!

IMG_5775IMG_5793 IMG_5795IMG_5800IMG_5789

Click the “read more” for more cosplays and well-known people I met up with.
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Goth/Alt people from around the world #2: Cynthia


How old are you?

Where are you from?

Describe your style.
It’s pretty diverse. My style runs from classic mori fashion with tons of lace and ruffles, to strega/dark mori with all sorts of dark layers and textures, to romantic gothic fashions with velvets, lace and fishnet, to classic minimalism. It depends on my mood that day. If I had to pick one style to define me, it would be a gothic-leaning strega style that I dubbed “shadow strega” when all of us on Tumblr were in the spirit of labeling our personal “substrega” styles a while back.

How did you discover mori kei/dark mori fashion?

getting dressedI think I must have seen pictures on Tumblr, but I didn’t know what it was or where it came from. Eventually one user I follow used the “mori girl” tag, and I had a word for what I was so drawn to. As I researched mori and dark mori online I found that they fit my personality perfectly.

scary dress Where are you favorite places to shop for your style? Or do you make your own clothing? 
I prefer to shop at thrift stores, but small boutiques are often a good source for ultra feminine, frilly clothes. Really, suitable clothing can be found anywhere as long as you know what to look for. I like the idea of making clothing and I do sometimes alter clothes I find, but I’m not good enough at sewing to make it much of a habit!

Who/what are your influences?
I’m influenced by concepts or general aesthetics more than people or characters. Antiques; the Victorian era; the 1920s; nature; witchcraft; divination; literature in the gothic, surreal horror, mystery and fantasy genres; Tim Burton; Guillermo Del Toro; Neil Gaiman; dark music (especially dark ambient); Alice in Wonderland; The Secret Garden; Silent Hill; Halloween; haunted houses and other such nonsense all influence my style as I attempt to channel them into the medium of fashion. Also, I really like Stevie Nicks’s style!

Stone LionWhat does your fashion taste say about you?
I think it reflects my experimental and curious nature, and as a pagan witch it’s also an outward expression of my religious and lifestyle practices. I would describe myself as whimsical, and my style tends to show that, I think. I’ve had an urge to dress like either a fairy tale heroine or a witch since I was a kid, and I finally have a socially acceptable outlet for that.

A thank you to Cynthia for her participation!
Do you have a cool goth or Japanese inspired style you would like to show off on Night Fever King? If so, please send an email to