The OCCULT fashion lifestyle


Hello night fever royalties. After a long illness and writer’s block I am back and trying to get things normal again. This time I’m bringing you the culture and fashion of the occult and witchcraft. It’s something I’ve been into lately since I’m a witch myself (yeah I know what you’re thinking hold back your snickering.) Here are some of my favorite fashion brands and books of this style that inspire me.


Blackcraftcult is an occult brand that has been around since 2012. They focus on witch culture (of course) and sometimes incorporate satanic imagery.



(x) (x)

They even sell coffee in their store. Love this place.

Next place is Sharpe Designs, a UK based brand. If your style leans more on the Medieval or Victorian side, then they’re great. The prices aren’t too bad.

BL_5447_B_sharpe-designs DR 22_B_sharpe-designsSH_A360_B_small

logoHere’s a more well-known brand called Killstar.  Established back in 2010 in the UK, it has already done a killer job at combining a “twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.” I would kill for the coffin handbag.

SONY DSC LUNAR-KIMONO_e9ade7bf-d812-4b2b-83ba-99ffbf6209ba_compactIMG_5250; WEIRDO-MENS_cfa48df2-1246-4865-8e85-68b7fa589df4_compact PENTAGRAM-EARRINGS-B_compact



Another little shop I ran across is DRKLGHT clothing. They’re LGTBQ supportive which is always a plus. Their motto is “follow your own light” and they make use of occult symbolism along with philosophical, religious, straight edge, and metaphysical themes. They are currently working on new designs for summer 2015.

A recent trend that has been gaining popularity is a style called, “Dark Mori.” It combines the elements of nature and fantasy with Goth and witchy tones. It’s a darker version of the original Mori style that used fairy tale inspired fashion.  Examples of it are:
28ee171620d94ade565c2cc72bacfa7c 84cfb1d73f31d0ad775a387458540d21 tumblr_n76yqzV3d91ryfcy7o6_500

(if anyone knows the source of the photos let me know)

Most people that wear Dark Mori are women, sure, but I’ve seen guys wear it too. It works for everybody.

How can you dress like this?

-Vintage clothing is a huge part of it
-Layering is a must
-Nice earthy tones really do make the outfit pop
-You can use shawls and hoods
-Look at Lolita and Steampunk outfits for guidance as Dark Mori pulls many ideas from it
-When putting together your outfit think to yourself “if I were a village witch, what would I wear?”
-And last, always look to nature for inspiration!

The last thing we’re gonna focus on are the (free) books of the occult lifestyle I found. These are incredibly helpful if you are even slightly interested about leaning witchcraft/wicca/pagan/etc.

Raymond Buckland – Complete Book of Witchcraft – x

Gerald B. Gardner – Witchcraft Today – x

Witchcraft 101 (a giant post on Tumblr)x

Tips to keep in mind***
Don’t be afraid to read about taboo topics. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy things or tools, just get creative and use what you got. Do your own research as much as you can. Use common sense, many people forget the last part.


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