Goth/Alt People From Around The World #1: Victorian/Gothic Lolita Anna Hako

Here is the first article of a series I’ll be posting often (along with my regular posts)that are submissions celebrating and showing off the creative and impressive Goths and all other kinds of Alternative people from around the world! This is Anna.

IMG_1926 2

How old are you?
I’m 24.

Where are you from?
Helsinki, Finland but I’ve lived in the US, the UK, and Germany as well.

Describe your style.
It’s a mixture of Victorian goth, corp goth, and gothic lolita. In my daily life, comfort is more important than looks – especially since I’m a milliner and work with small embellishment, chemicals and paints all the time – so I am sadly dressed down quite often. But when I get the chance to dress up, I go all the way. Which style dominates the look that day depends on my mood. I have a few medical reasons which stop me from getting piercings or tattoos and restrict dyeing my hair so some times I feel that I’m not able to express myself fully. It is something I have learned to live with but it has definitely been a factor in the direction my style has taken.
DSC_0829 3 pieni 2

How did you become interested in your style of fashion?
I had a friend who asked me if she could style me as a rock chick back in the 8th grade. She wanted to do it just to shock everybody, but I found myself really liking the alternative look so I stuck with it and the style started to evolve. I started out looking much more cyber goth than I am now!

Where are you favorite places to shop for your style? Or do you make your own clothing?
I make my own headpieces as that is my craft, but most of my clothes are thrifted. I go to a lot of second hand stores and recycling centers because they’re cheap and I want to support recycling. I like giving clothes a new life, so sometimes I modify the old ones I find to suit my look. I don’t shop at “real” stores much, though I do visit the alternative stores in Helsinki every now and then. When I’m in London, I explore Camden Market and stop by stores like TK Maxx when I get the chance.

Who/what are your influences?
History, music, literature, and other goths, mostly. I’m quite fond of things that are elegant and cute yet macabre, which is why I think Victorian mourning fashion and the music of The Birthday Massacre have such an impact on me. On top of mourning fashion, I enjoy the lighter side of historical fashion, such as rococo, and places like Victoria and Albert Museum in London are a great source of inspiration for me.
It’s such a cliché, but I’m also really inspired by the death; I could probably live at an old cemetery and I could never have too many skeleton items. I think the whole goth scene is very inspiring as well, it’s impossible to look at all the diversity and talent and not be influenced by them!

IMG_1196 3

What does your fashion taste say about you?

It definitely makes people think I’m “dark” – whether that is positive or negative is another thing. I hope my fashion taste gives some clues about the things I enjoy and I hope it also conveys who I am as a designer. I think the “sweet yet macabre” influence shines through clearly. I am quite open about my “un-goth” likes as well, so people who think they have me figured out are often surprised to learn that I’m not all cemeteries and goth rock.
It’s a shame there is a lot of misinformation about goths because people seem to make negative or otherwise incorrect assumptions very quickly. I hope I can change that when people actually get to know me.

Do you have a cool goth or Japanese inspired style you would like to show off on Night Fever King? If so, please send an email to

66708_10151810576402990_1679031013_nYou can find Anna on her Tumblr right here.
Much thanks to her for her participation!

Japanese fashion icon and model KIMURA U visits the US


        (photo by Tony Xu from last night)

                  Kimura U was in Portland, Oregon yesterday for “Japan Night,” an event hosted by the The Japanese Student Society. She did a meet and greet and stayed around for the small fashion show so I hear.

tumblr_inline_mw4tgy8Lcf1r2o8ah         (photo from her instagram at the event)

Kimura U has been in the Tokyo fashion scene for a few years and gained popularity quickly with her girly lolita style (which seems to be very inspired by sweets and candy). She is a frequent model in Harajuku and even was appointed Kawaii Ambassador by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

o0480064013190900042 tumblr_natrffxWTE1syjihfo1_500

(photos from her instagram)

She is currently working on designing her own clothing and when she’s not modeling she appears in many TV shows around Japan spreading her good vibes and cute fashion sense.

Here is one of her video tutorials on “Moe (pronounced “mo-eh”) Hara” make-up on Kawaii Pateen’s channel.

If you went the event please let me know, I’d love to hear more of what happened,

Her website, blog (in Japanese), and twitter.

Do you have a fun, unique, or interesting style inspired by Japanese or goth fashion?



Hello again! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about Japanese fashion so I’ve come up with an idea to keep it fresh and exciting. I’ve decided that I’m going to look for cool individuals that are influenced by looks from Japan or gothic culture. Styles like Shironuri, Gothic, lolita, Visual Kei, Boy Style, etc etc. I’ll only do this if I get enough people interested! If enough people like this idea then every month I will choose one or two people and interview them and learn more about their look. Not only that, but it may be published in one of the magazines I currently work with. It’s a win/win situation. Your styles don’t have to be over the top or fancy, it just has to be you and what you’re passionate for. This is a nice way to learn more and you (the readers) and interact with everyone. I’m mostly looking for Japanese inspired looks but it can be just Gothic inspired too. If you are interested in being featured on my blog shoot me an email at

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If I don’t get any emails then it won’t happen 😦 So let me know what you think! I really want to do this.

*all photos are from



Interview with the lead singer of upcoming synth-pop, darkwave band, ESOTERIK


Hello everyone! This week, I was able to talk to Allison Eckfeldt of Esoterik. They formed in January of 2013 in Oklahoma City and already they have been able to tour outside of the country and have developed a genuine fan base. Allison is the lead singer. Brady Bledsoe plays guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, and sings. Austin Hayes does keyboards and synthesizers as well. The interview with Allison is below. She is so sweet!

 On your bands website,, you say that you are actively involved in many things to keep the spirit of goth alive, what are they?
Eckfeldt: This is a question that is difficult for me to answer briefly..but I’ll do my best! Since I (Allison) was born in 1990 I missed out on everything from the 80’s; which seems to be the case that I see in the gothically inclined individuals showing up on the scene nowadays. I’ve gotten into the habit of explaining to an older person in the scene when they are in shock that I haven’t heard of a certain band, movie or article that; “It’s not that I was living under a rock during in the 80’s; It’s just that I wasn’t born yet.”
Every gothic related band, fashion magazine/or article, interview, and videos/movies that I’ve found from the late 70’s and early 80’s, a time period I enjoy the most for the scene, I had found due to scouring the internet. So when I say I actively am wanting to keep the goth spirit alive that is because I am doing my best to give out the information I find to youth who want it and ask me for it or have a desire to dig deeper. I feel like the true spirit of the subculture is in its roots… which to me started in the late 70’s… but even if someone doesn’t have a pandoras box of knowledge, that doesn’t matter, the best way to keep the spirit of the subculture alive is to simply support the artists. Go to shows, talk with the artists, make friends at the venues or clubs, pick up some instruments and jam, just be active in the scene. This is what I do to keep the spirt of goth alive, it may seem small, but with some love and attendance that’s how anything grows and blossoms.
How did you and the rest of the group come together in Oklahoma City?

Eckfeldt: I had tried out as a bassist for Brady’s other project he was in, but they broke up not to long after the try out. 

Fast forward about two years and I was swimming in lyrics I had being writing patiently dreaming of the day I could put melodies to them. The only logical thing was that it was time to present them to another individual and start the process of being in a band from scratch. 
I knew that creativity and melodies dripped from Brady’s veins so I HAD to work with him and snatch him up before another band did. It wasn’t even a question in my mind of who I should ask to jump into this project with me. 
He said yes, I sent him lyrics, which he wonderfully cleaned up, for two tracks and he produced two beautiful melodies for us. 
At the time we had thought we would just work as two musicians only. Preforming that way as well.
But then Austin rolled into our sights and after both Brady and I spent time with him it just felt like a perfect fit for the band. 
It all happened in a really organic and natural way. 
10881543_10152990085066908_2844423957983803753_nListening to your music I get Depeche Mode and Siouxsie Sioux vibes, are they big influences to you? What groups inspired you?

Eckfeldt: Oh yes. I love Depeche Mode’s ‘Some Great Reward’ album and know every single track off of it by heart… and Siouxsie inspires me not only as a musician and performer but as a revolutionary women. I own ALL of her albums but my favorite is ‘Superstition’. At least six tracks on that album hit so close to home for me, the tracks ‘cry’ and ‘little sister’ literally cause me to tear up if my emotions are just right.

Esoterik’s own sound is heavily influenced by darkwave, New Wave, and Synth-pop.
But as far as my big personal influences go… The bands called ‘The Blood Brothers’, ‘At the Drive in’, ‘Circa Survive’, ‘Dance Gavin Dance’ and ‘Neon Blonde’ made me want to be a musician and be on stage in my early teen years. 
As a performer I’m inspired by Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Anthony Green, and Johnny Whitney.
As a vocalist I am inspired by Ian Curtis, Tina Root, Justin Warfield, Florence Welch, and Harry McVeigh.

Where has been your favorite place to perform? Who’s the best crowd?

Eckfeldt: Well so far in our touring journey I would have to say Germany is my favorite place to perform. Hands down without a single doubt. The general love and appreciation of music is incredible in Germany. 

As far as a ‘best crowd’ goes, there is no crowd that outdoes another because the people who have shown up to support Esoterik where ever we perform are all the ‘best crowd’. I’m grateful to be on stage and be able to connect with people through my music no matter the size of the crowd or the crowd participation. 

How long have you been a freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist? What kinds of things do you create?

Eckfeldt: I’ve been drawing my entire life and selling artwork for half of my life so it’s hard to say when I officially started freelance; but I draw, paint, and sketch anything my soul tells me to. It’s therapy for me just like music is.  (She does all the art work for her album covers!)

Are there any musicians you would love to collaborate with one day? 10847958_619605191494991_2895398962517434311_n

Eckfeldt: Several actually! Siouxsie Sioux, Anne Marie Hurst, Stevie Nicks and Nina Hagen.

What are some of your goals for Esoterik?

Eckfeldt: Have fun, continue creating, Meet tons of fans and make new ones, give out love and integrity, and Tour as much as humanly possible all around the globe.

Are there any big projects you’re all working on currently? If so, can you give us hints of what they might be?

Eckfeldt: YES! LOTS! One of them being our new album! Which is close to being completely wrapped up… along with a visually exciting new music video for an unreleased track off of the new album. 

-Allison Eckfeldt
Her passion for gothic and eighties culture is admirable. I appreciate how much they are influenced by original synthpop, yet they find a way to keep it fresh. I can’t wait to see Esoterik live one day! Here are some of their videos on Youtube. What do you think?

The OCCULT fashion lifestyle


Hello night fever royalties. After a long illness and writer’s block I am back and trying to get things normal again. This time I’m bringing you the culture and fashion of the occult and witchcraft. It’s something I’ve been into lately since I’m a witch myself (yeah I know what you’re thinking hold back your snickering.) Here are some of my favorite fashion brands and books of this style that inspire me.


Blackcraftcult is an occult brand that has been around since 2012. They focus on witch culture (of course) and sometimes incorporate satanic imagery.



(x) (x)

They even sell coffee in their store. Love this place.

Next place is Sharpe Designs, a UK based brand. If your style leans more on the Medieval or Victorian side, then they’re great. The prices aren’t too bad.

BL_5447_B_sharpe-designs DR 22_B_sharpe-designsSH_A360_B_small

logoHere’s a more well-known brand called Killstar.  Established back in 2010 in the UK, it has already done a killer job at combining a “twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.” I would kill for the coffin handbag.

SONY DSC LUNAR-KIMONO_e9ade7bf-d812-4b2b-83ba-99ffbf6209ba_compactIMG_5250; WEIRDO-MENS_cfa48df2-1246-4865-8e85-68b7fa589df4_compact PENTAGRAM-EARRINGS-B_compact



Another little shop I ran across is DRKLGHT clothing. They’re LGTBQ supportive which is always a plus. Their motto is “follow your own light” and they make use of occult symbolism along with philosophical, religious, straight edge, and metaphysical themes. They are currently working on new designs for summer 2015.

A recent trend that has been gaining popularity is a style called, “Dark Mori.” It combines the elements of nature and fantasy with Goth and witchy tones. It’s a darker version of the original Mori style that used fairy tale inspired fashion.  Examples of it are:
28ee171620d94ade565c2cc72bacfa7c 84cfb1d73f31d0ad775a387458540d21 tumblr_n76yqzV3d91ryfcy7o6_500

(if anyone knows the source of the photos let me know)

Most people that wear Dark Mori are women, sure, but I’ve seen guys wear it too. It works for everybody.

How can you dress like this?

-Vintage clothing is a huge part of it
-Layering is a must
-Nice earthy tones really do make the outfit pop
-You can use shawls and hoods
-Look at Lolita and Steampunk outfits for guidance as Dark Mori pulls many ideas from it
-When putting together your outfit think to yourself “if I were a village witch, what would I wear?”
-And last, always look to nature for inspiration!

The last thing we’re gonna focus on are the (free) books of the occult lifestyle I found. These are incredibly helpful if you are even slightly interested about leaning witchcraft/wicca/pagan/etc.

Raymond Buckland – Complete Book of Witchcraft – x

Gerald B. Gardner – Witchcraft Today – x

Witchcraft 101 (a giant post on Tumblr)x

Tips to keep in mind***
Don’t be afraid to read about taboo topics. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy things or tools, just get creative and use what you got. Do your own research as much as you can. Use common sense, many people forget the last part.