Things have been not so great but there will be new posts soon. Here’s a Halloween playlist I made:
1. Everyday Is Halloween-Ministry
2. Drac’s back-The Bollock Brothers
3. Soul Dracula-Hot Blood
4. Haunted House-Bee Gees
5. Feed My Frankenstein-Alice Cooper
6. Zombie Lady-Minitel Rose
7. Strange Days-The Doors
8. Angela’s Theme-From Sleepaway Camp
9. Riboflavin-45 Grave
10. She’s My Witch-Kip Tyler
11.Werewolf-The Frantics
12. Season of The Witch-Donovan
13. Black Magic Woman-Fleetwood Mac
14. Black Mass-Electric Wizard
15. Suspiria Theme
16. Somebody’s Watching Me-Rockwell
17. Voodoo Idol-The Cramps
18. Dead Disco Dancer-O. Children
19. I Put a Spell On You-CCR 

I went as Eddie Gluskin from Outlast. Pictures will be posted soon. Hope everyone had a groovy time!


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