Unique Japanese Alternative brand DEVIL666ISH

If you’re constantly keeping up with modern Japanese fashion, then you know there’s always weird brands or styles that constantly come in and out quicker than ever. I’m always on the look out for brands that stick out to me and know how to draw attention in the right ways. A few months ago, through Tokyo-Fashion, I discovered an eye stopping brand called Devil666ish. Already sounds awesome, yeah? Their creepy, cute, and unique designs have been huge in Tokyo recently. Their works have even crossed into America.
1889191_277003372489698_2145654356_n                                                        (photo by tokyofashion.com)

Cindy and Frank (both pictured above) are the founders of Devil666ish.  They’re wearing their own designs. They like to let their art and designs speak for them. A lot of their products are focused on eyes, such as the first two products.
1004_400wAlien I-phone Case


 Demonic Shirt


Or if you’re more into the cuteness direction, there’s the Magical Girl skirt with pentagrams.


Their items are also very inspired by the occult, which I really like.

Witch choker

DSC_0170_400w                                                                                Mermaid harness

            If you’re interested in bizarre, cyber, club kid, gothic, or just general cute fashion, Devil666ish is definitely worth checking out. I haven’t been able to purchase anything myself since they are incredibly expensive, but from what I’ve heard from friends and other sources, the quality seems to be great and I’ve heard nice reviews. I’m looking forward to seeing what they will come up with next.

Where you can find Devil666ish: Tumblr
Storenvy, Big Cartel

What brands should I review next I wonder…


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