Interview with Tokyo model MORINO RINGO

             Tokyo Fashion is a website I check daily for a bunch of reasons, I love finding out about new models and fashion trends from Japan. Recently, they’ve been posting a lot about a certain young woman that goes by the name Morino Ringo (Ringo for short).
tumblr_n9fiqffFYO1r6drupo1_1280 tumblr_ndik4oHcLH1so4qzso2_400

Lately, she’s been in some of Tokyo’s biggest fashion magazines, like KERA and Fruits. Her style is best described as Gothic Lolita with a dash of cuteness. Visual Kei is one of her inspirations and she loves grotesque fashion (like me).
tumblr_ndhjsjoOMt1so4qzso1_1280I was able to interview her yesterday via twitter. It was short, but great! Ringo is sweet and a pleasure to talk to.

Hyde: I adore your outfits. I see it combines the gothic Lolita style with cuteness. What inspires your style?
Ringo: “I’ve always loved the Harajuku fashions and Visual Kei.”

Hyde: Why did you start modeling?
Ringo: “I really wanted to help lead my style.”

Hyde: What’re your favorite brands in Tokyo?
Ringo: “hNAOTO, PUTUMAYO, peacenow, SEX POT revenge, algonquins, & vivienne Westwood have always been some of my favorites!”

Hyde: What fashion trend would you like to see make a comeback?
Ringo: “I want to bring back the Gothic Lolita fashion that was popular several years ago!”

Hyde: What’s the strangest piece of clothing/accessory you own?
Ringo: “My pierced earrings!.” (She has plenty of them)

Hyde: What’s your advice for people that want to be models like you?
“I want to say if it’s good then by all means continue by dressing in your favorite fashion. ☆彡”

Here’s where you can find her:
Ameblo (All Japanese)

(all photos are from her blogs)

tumblr_ndhaatTd2X1so4qzso1_400                Hopefully we’ll talk again in the future. I should start thinking about Halloween posts…but I’m not sure what to do yet.


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