MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON 2014 (Japanese pop culture festival)

 (Moshi Moshi Nippon, 2014, all rights reserved.)

(Moshi Moshi Nippon, 2014, all rights reserved.)

Moshi Moshi Nippon was a festival I wasn’t able to attend this year sadly…but hopefully next year I’ll find a way. This was recently brought to my attention from a few readers of this blog. It’s a festival that has a goal to “spread Japanese pop culture to overseas. It will be a project to create ‘fashion, music, anime, and food’ from new perspectives so that people overseas will become fans of Japan.”
This sounds amazing already but what makes it better? Foreigners get in for free and get their own designated area!! Of course you have to prove you’re not from Japan. It took place on Sunday, September 28, 2014, (yesterday in Japan.) The fest had tons of famous performers such as: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, TEMPURA KIDZ, Cupitron, Silent Siren, Akira, and more! There were plenty of popular models like Ayumi Seto and POCHI. Guest speakers such as the creator of 6% DOKI DOKI Sebastian Masuda was there too.

(Harajuku Kawaii booth, Moshi Moshi Nippon, 2014, all rights reserved.)

(Harajuku Kawaii booth, Moshi Moshi Nippon, 2014, all rights reserved.)


(Press are getting ready for Kyary’s peformance, Moshi Moshi Nippon, 2014, all rights reserved.)

The Nippon stage was where the musicians performed. The Matsuri area was where the delicious Japanese food was served along with the dozens of street performers and models that were there to greet you, like the lovely German model Himezawa. There were many booth areas that covered all aspects of Japanese culture, especially from fashion to beauty. Some of the booths that were there were KERA magazine, Zipper magazine, and Harajuku Kawaii.

Since the event has just ended there aren’t many photos up. Watch this space for more photos and information. In the meantime, you check out their facebook  and twitter for updates about this year and hopefully next years Moshi Moshi Nippon.

Doesn’t this place seem like heaven on earth for Japanese culture fans?? If you were able to attend this event please let me know so i can post your review. I’d love to hear stories.

September Kirameki magazine out now! New Etsy store possibly? and Cyberpunk artwork

The newest issue of Kirameki came out yesterday finally and my movie article was featured.
photo 1               I’m so excited. Hopefully I’ll get to work with Kirameki more in the future. Maybe their next issue… You can buy a copy here. I seriously recommend it. They specialize in all aspects of alternative culture.

Since I’ve had quite a few requests to open an Etsy, I’m seriously considering it. How do you guys feel about Etsy? Should I open a store? I’d be selling artwork and jewelry mostly, like what I have posted around here. Here’s a new necklace I made that I’m planning sell.
photo 2 photo 4

If anybody is interested let me know!

photo (3)

My current obsession is Cyberpunk. So I painted a robot girl ripping her skin off to reveal her true identity. I really dig how it turned out.

I’ve never had this many lively things happen to me. Hopefully the fun doesn’t stop here. Stay groovy everyone.

KERA magazine Alt fashion, D.I.Y tongue necklace, and a special announcement!

           The September issue of KERA magazine finally arrived to me yesterday. This was the first time I got to have my hands on a Japanese fashion magazine. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

       It features popular Tokyo model and boy-style icon, Akira. (BTW boy-style is a fashion where girls and women dress up in boy/unisex clothing)
KERA is great because it focuses on all types of Japanese pop culture: punk, goth, fairy-kei, classic lolita, normal looks, anything!


         Remember my post about Haruka Kurebayashi? Here she is again being incredibly cute. I don’t know who the model is in the right photo on the left. If anybody knows, let me know.


         More examples of some of the variety in KERA. If you don’t live in Japan, it can be hard finding Japanese fashion magazines. It’s best to look on Ebay or Amazon. I got mine from Amazon for a cheap price. I used Jamazing Store, which provided quick shipping for a reasonable price.

         I forgot to post about it here, but a couple weeks ago I made a new necklace. Just by sculpting clay, baking, then painting it I came out with this.

photo (5)photo (3)

photo (4)        I used decora pills from MiniatureSweet. (seriously, their shop is addicting). If I started selling jewelry, would anybody be interested?


                             (Grace Hill Grace Hill Images at GracefullyWicked Studios)

          Are you guys ready for the big news?? For a while. I have been talking about me possibly writing for the new fashion magazine, Kirameki, and until now it was not confirmed whether or not it would work out…but it has! In the September issue, which comes out on the fifteenth of this month, my movie article about witchcraft films (below post) will be featured. For the magazine I tweaked it a bit to make it look for pleasing so grab a copy if you can. I’ll try to post pictures here ASAP. This is the first time my writings have been published. Here’s to more success in the future maybe?