Witchy movies!

     Since Halloween is approaching, it’s the perfect time for bizarre movies. One of my favorite genres of films are the ones relating to witches and witchcraft, but not your typical “Blair Witch project” stuff and certainly no Harry Potter. This list includes a variety of witch films and not just the terrifying ones you would expect.


1. The Craft (1996)
           I know this a popular cult film, but I couldn’t resist it since it’s a classic. It begins with a teen that moves to a new school and encounters three witches. She becomes the binding power to help them achieve a whole new level of witchcraft. Of course the more powerful they become the quicker their spells go from innocent to horrific, causing a few deaths along the way. 






2.  Suspiria (1977)

        Arguably one of the best well made films for its time and an A+ cult classic, Suspiria follows the story of a young woman named Suzy that goes to a prestigious dance academy and finds out its run by witches. With its vibrant color scheme, suspense around every corner, and a creepy soundtrack from Goblin, no wonder it’s received such good ratings. The gore factor can come off cheesy but the deaths are creative which makes up for it I believe considering it has been almost forty years.








3.  Kiki’s Delivery Service (1988)

           Studio Ghibli makes some of the best animation films ever. This one is a golden one. It’s tells the story of a girl named Kiki that leaves home with her black cat to train to become a witch on her own. After some training, she gains certain powers but loses them when she starts to become depressed. She learns that if she finds her purpose she will gain them again. It’s a beautiful film and it deals with the themes of transitioning into adulthood and dealing with adolescence.




4. Practical Magic (1998)

         A mixture of dark comedy and romance, this film goes into depth about two sisters (Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman) that belong in a long line of witches. A terrible curse follows the women of the family which makes any man that falls in love with them die tragically. They try to find ways around the curse and accidentally kill one of their boyfriends. His vengeful spirit comes back to terrorize them. It is slightly scarier than what I anticipated at first. 





5. The Woods (2006)
            Set in the mid-sixties after a rebellious teen is sent to an all girl school, she slowly discovers the dark past behind it and finds out she has a special “gift” of her own. Ridiculed by her class mates while dealing with the supernatural force that has taken over the school, she finds out that centuries ago a few girls accused of dabbling in witchcraft were killed and their spirits haunt the woods that surround the school. The build up of suspense throughout the film is great and Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) co-stars in it.











Long break is over, new art work!

Sorry that I haven’t been on in a while. I’m starting college in a couple days and I finally have everything sorted. In the mean time though I worked on my art skills.



It’s a little girl with boils on her face. Yes, It’s gross. The face was prisma color pencils and her hair is acrylic paint.



Here’s a weird half mannequin with fifty eyes. Just prisma color pencils and watercolor for the background.



I’ve been obsessed with drawing people with strange deformities. If you can’t tell, (It’s Eddie Gluskin from one of my favorite video games Outlast)


I’ll be posting more art of mine in the future and I’m getting a few cool things in the mail that’ll I’ll be sharing soon so stay tuned!

What do you think I should draw in the future? Let me know below or go to my contact page to tell me.