Chilling medical Horror/thriller movies

One of my favorite types of movies are medical ones or ones with bits of the medical aspect to it and if they’re horror or suspense, It’s a major plus. A movie that inspired me to write this post was one I saw recently called Helter Skelter.


Helter Skelter (2012)

    This is a Japanese thriller so you know it’s going to be disturbing and it is. I LOVE the cinematography and the use of red as the main color through out the film. It’s based on the manga of the same name about a star named Lilico that everyone looks up to, even though she’s a stuck-up asshole. She’s obsessed with plastic surgery and when a new star starts to take her place she begins to fall a part, literally and figuratively. 

tumblr_mzythxpMYA1qgsa3ro1_1280 tumblr_msn54hcfti1qikdhdo1_500

It’s starts off with the quote “laughters and screams sound very much alike.” Hauntingly true…


Re-animator (1985)

    Ok, most of you have probably already seen this since it’s a cult classic but oh well there’s still tons of people out there that haven’t seen how rad this movie is. Based on the H.P. Lovecraft story, Herbert West–Reanimator, this movie gives it a more comedy twist. It starts with a young scientist that creates a serum to bring his dead professor back to life and gets carried away. 


He starts claiming he can “defeat” death but instead he turns his patients into killer zombies. 
Yeah it’s cheesy, but definitely worth a watch.


American Mary (2012)

   Love body modification? This is a great film. The story starts off with a young,struggling, college student named Mary that wants to become a surgeon. To earn extra money she turns to stripping. After she’s accepted there, they immediately find out that she’s attending med school and ask her to perform on someone in the back of the club. She hesitantly agrees and is paid well. A stripper finds out about her work and introduces her to the body mod community but she doesn’t want any part of that. Until one of her professors rape her and she decides to get revenge by practicing her surgeon/modification skills on him. Warning, it’s graphic and gory.



Excision (2012)

    A delusional high school girl with an interest in the medical field and blood goes to extremes to impress her mother that hates her and save her sister that has cystic fibrosis. One of the most screwed up films I’ve seen. This film knows how to be terrifying and hilarious at the same time, something I didn’t expect… Her strongly detailed fantasies only make it more creepy but I loved it. Only thing I disliked is how the ending was. It felt rushed and left everything too open but i found it funny because it’s ridiculous how crazy the main character is. John Waters is in this film too!



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