Fashion Icons: Minori and Japanese female artists mix cd!

Have you ever heard of Shironuri? You’ve probably seen me talk about it a while back briefly. Shironuri originates from a traditional Japanese style that dates back hundreds of years to Geisha and Kabuki performers. Nowadays it’s being added with more modern twists such as Kawaii (cute), Gothic, Victorian, nature, rave and Horror fashion. The word translates to “painted white.” 

Japanese-Shironuri-Fashion-Harajuku-001-600x400 Japanese-Shironuri-Fashion-Harajuku-068-600x400


Even in Japan it is still very underground but thanks to artists like Minori it’s been getting tons of exposure over the last few years.

At only twenty-three years old, she has already been on Vogue and is an international Shironuri model. She got into the subculture at age eighteen and has made a huge impact in Tokyo culture ever since. She makes all her outfits! Minori is a frequent model on TokyoFashion,com. 

Since she grew up in the country side, that is her main inspiration for Shironuri. She looks to nature for ideas and motivation.

She holds exhibits in Japan every few months. I’d love to go.
You can find her on her website and her Tumblr.


I’m addicted to making mix cds and why not make one dedicated to cool Japanese female artists? Here you go!

“J-pop that isn’t anime or vocaloid? What??”

1. Dreamers Dream – Twinkerbell
2. Gimme Gimme – Mademoiselle Yulia
3. Fxxk Boys Get Money – FEMM
4. Sunny – Mademoiselle Yulia
5. Wannabe – FEMM
6. Daydream – Judy and Mary
7. Black Candy – Koda Kumi
8. White Noise – FEMM
9. Mi – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
10. 1mm – Perfume 
11. After Dinner – Ironclad Mermaid 
12. Chronic – Mademoiselle Yulia


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