Futuristic fashion

Futuristic is a style I’ve been wanting to experiment with for ages. There’s different variations of it such as Retro Futuristic (50s-70s influence)
tumblr_mzjkfzcywl1r42yu0o1_400 tumblr_mzjku8rBHw1r42yu0o1_500

Modern Futuristic

 Steampunk, the best way i can describe it is as “the future that never happened” Think of 19th century dystopia  I used to be part of a Steampunk group once. 

 tumblr_n8m8esYRWL1sljr6io1_1280 tumblr_n8m7lppXPh1sljr6io1_1280

and Cyber Goth (which relies more on raver and club influence). 


I’ll try my best to show off outfits that look great on anybody (guys,girls, non-binary).
What would work for Retro Futuristic? Here are Red and Blue 3D Heart or rectangle glasses

il_570xN.427330874_i8st il_570xN.427331047_r6g8


Next is Gladiator Heels


These have had some pretty nice reviews. I’d kill for these. 

Here’s a Space Babe Skirt

The great thing is that it’s color and size custom. This is totally straight out of 1960s space film.


Now let’s move on to more of a Modern Futuristic. This is a Galaxy sweatshirt. It says it’s for women but it’s unisex.

Eyeball lunch bag

Holographic mini skirt



Want more of a Cyber/club feel?
Faux Fur Backpack

Cyber Goth Respirator Gas Mask


Alien Shirt

When it comes to Steampunk, it’s best to create your own stuff for more of an authentic look, since steampunk outfits and accessories are wayyyyyyyyy too much to pay. For example find old watch gears and metal/gold pieces and see where it goes from there.


If you’re going to go for Future look, holographic prints, clear/very shiny materials, platforms, are usually the way to go but there isn’t a set list. Whatever you’re comfortable with. 

Some cool Japanese Gothic/Future wear – Alice-auaa (extremely beautiful but each item costs your soul and then some, still fun to look at and torture yourself with since it’s hard to afford)

 Song of The Day – Magic Fly by Space 




4 thoughts on “Futuristic fashion

  1. I would TOTALLY wear the holographic mini skirt! I quite like the gladiator shoes although I’d probably wear a shoe version as I really don’t have the right shaped legs for all of those straps- they’d make me look short and dumpy lol! I’ve seen leggings with that galaxy print on too and wouldn’t mind getting a pair once I’m earning some cash again!


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