Haruka Kurebayashi, Kawaii International, and vintage thrift store finds

One of my favorite Japanese models is the sweet and adorable Haruka Kurebayashi.

(Second from the left) She’s a frequent model for KERA magazine. Her quirky cuteness is addictive.
tumblr_n3qbjoxTiL1r62r3yo1_1280 tumblr_mqdvz69NvH1qfvrzvo1_1280

The best way to describe her style is fairy kei. Fairy kei is strongly influenced by 1980s style of cuteness. You know, soft pastel colors, old cartoons, pink everywhere. Haruka is also a customer of Viva Cute Candy, a popular hair salon in Tokyo.



Do any of you watch Kawaii International?  Yes, it’s pretty girly at times, but it’s a cool show if you can’t be in Japan but you wanna catch up on the latest trends and modern pop culture things over there. It shows you how-tos and plenty of D.I.Y. fashion. It can be incredibly helpful. Another great thing is that they don’t just focus on the girly and sweet Kawaii styles but all of the other kinds such as boy-style, Gothic, glam rock and the constant changing of gyaru. They even bring fans from all over the world to participate in the show. You can download the NHK app, a Japanese television channel,on your phone and catch it there.


Today’s outfit is one of my top looks (excuse the terrible quality)
unnamed (4)

Fact: about 95% of all my clothes come from thrift stores. A while back I got this nice Victorian-like shirt from a local store. I wear it way too much. Makes me kinda feel like an anime character, especially with the blue, flippy hair. 
unnamed (6)

A slightly better photo. You can’t see it well but recently I got these grey striped pants to compliment the shirt. Definitely one of my favorite outfits. 


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