Fashion Icons: Ikeda Hirari


Over the past couple years a young Model by the name Ikeda Hirari has swept Harajuku by the storm. Only nineteen, you can’t open one Japanese fashion magazine without seeing her in it. She’s regularly featured on the popular blog, She’s so big because she constantly changes her style. In 2012, she modeled for Fangophilia, seriously amazing Japanese custom made body Jewelry (see third photo.) 
tumblr_m2mys0nW3o1qbi956o1_1280tumblr_m2f80wLUeP1qfid5wo1_500  tumblr_mqwgeraqJV1ruysv2o1_500\tumblr_muzuffwmFO1sra3yno1_500tumblr_ml5uilGOlg1qg0fdgo1_1280tumblr_n2hex1IBjl1r32i2qo1_500

I find her transformations to be incredible. 
Futuristic, punk rock, gothic, chic, she can do it all. Kinda reminds me of a 90’s club kid. 


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